Tier 6 help - Can I get it done with this squad?

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Can this squad beat Tier 6 assuming I beef them up a bit? Currently its a joke.

With 8 days only, realistically maybe gear 8 each is possible with leveling up to 81-82 each.

Or just wait for the next R2 event and hopefully a 6-7* Palpatine then.

Minimal/crappy mods currently on:

L - Vader 6* 79 G8
Tarkin 7* 76 G7
Magma 7* 71 G7
Royal Guard 7* 75 G7
Storm 6* 62 G7

Thrawn and Palp 5* only so far


  • At G7/G8, you'll need good mods. And speed. Lots and lots of speed.
  • darthjeary
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    Thanks! My plan over the next week is to focus only on this team only.

    Move Arena mods over.
    7* Storm.
    Level everyone up to 81-82.
    Get all abilities to level 6+.
    G8 Tarkin RG and Storm.

    Then maybe there is a chance!
  • Assuming all abilities maxed outside of Zetas, do I take a Vader or Tarkin lead in? Trying to decide who to use Omega's on.

    Vader or Tarkin

    Royal Guard

  • https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/150457/daring-droid-r2d2-event-without-palpatine#latest

    Check my thread, you don't need EP but you do need to use someone else than magma.
    Don't need too much omega, but I suggest omega on tarkin's basic and vader's basic& culling blade
    use tarkin as lead.
    I suggest you start farming tfp so you can use him next time. omega his basic and aoe. other than that no omega is much needed. I did it without any imega on vader
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    I firmly recommend you start looking to farm one more strong empire to replace magma. Either TFP, Palpatine, Death, Krennic, Shore, Veers all will work
  • Anakin_Skywalker
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    Well for 6 stars magma will do because the enemies aren't immune to turnmeter delay.
    But for 7 stars, they are all immune to it, and magmatrooper is just one huge burden of your team
  • yea, try tarking lead and put your best speed mods on the empire toons. you will still need to survive/RNG the initial onslaught... these rebel scum are too fast!
  • Thanks guys. Hopefully next time I will have 7*’s of Palp and Thrawn to use so this won’t be so hard.

    Magma and Storm were temporary until the big boys events came around again. Caught somewhat off guard this month with R2 showing up. Thought I had a few more months to prepare.
  • darthjeary
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    Update for anyone in a similar boat or for future R2 events. I spent a week working on my empire squad, but still came up short. I can only get any combination of 1 or all of Leia, Han, and Luke gone. Focusing on R2 never worked with his cloak.

    I needed any combination of:

    Higher gear
    Emperor and/or Thrawn
    Crazy speed mods

    Tier 5 was a breeze on autopilot. Tier 6 hit a wall hard. Juggled Vader and Tarkin leads and neither worked.

    My team:

    Tarkin - 7* G8 5/6 Level 81
    Vader - 6* G8 4/6 Level 81
    Storm - 7* G8 5/6 Level 81
    Magma - 7* G8 1/6 Level 81
    Royal - 7* G8 0/6 Level 81

    4-5 dots level 15 mods in nearly all slots (most health unfortunately)
  • yeah tfp's buff immunity seems to be the only debuff that actually applies to boss R2 that can prevent him from hiding. so tfp was crucial for me.(dont have palp , so his shock might land as well.)
  • JeffG
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    I just managed to clear the 6-star event with basically what I could get up to 6 stars in time.

    Emperor - 6* G8 5/6 Level 80
    Vader - 6* G8 5/6 Level 77
    Stormtrooper - 6* G8 2/6 Level 80
    Royal Guard - 6* G7 4/6 Level 80
    Snowtrooper - 6* G7 4/6 Level 80

    It took about 10 tries but finally managed. Using the Royal Guard to slow R2 and Vader to keep his abilities in check, dropped 4 speed mods on the Emperor and that won it for me. Got down to a heavily damaged R2, Luke, and Chewbacca against my Emperor. Took out R2 on the next hit and then the Emperors speed managed to plow through Luke and Chewbacca. Thought I was screwed but he was hitting twice for every time they hit.
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