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Is there any way to run multiple games simultaneously?? I'd love to have another game going with a different team. I was going to test this on my tablet using the reroll method information as a starting point. Any insight?? I'm on Android. What I read was that you would log off/on to multiple accounts using Google Games to get you started...


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    I'm thinking about starting a new second account. If I can do so then that would be awesome. I'm on an S5. If you find anything then post it here please. Bookmarking this page now.
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    Need multiple Google accounts, but it can be done. The way it should work (I haven't tested): create secondary Google account if you don't have one. Sign out of current account in the game and restart it. Then sign in to secondary account when prompted.

    Alternatively, you can play the second as a guest account, but then you'll be locked to one device and vulnerable to account loss if you lose your phone.
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    But.... How do I sign out of the game???
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    But.... How do I sign out of the game???

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    I'm really worried that if I try it I'll lose all of my progress though. Then, I won't get any support to get my original game back.

    It seems like they wouldn't want you to play two different games as you would be more likely to buy stuff if you only play one. Hence the timers and so on. If you have another account then that makes the timers pointless as you can just switch when you run out of energy.

    If anyone gets it to work then please post it here. Until then I don't want to risk it.
    My name is cosmicturtle333, aka CT-333, aka Threes.
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    I've been thinking about starting a f2p account to help with writing guides for starters and to test what I've learned and see the difference in startup times.

    Will probably do this.

    Could I just leave it as guest and still sign into my main account without losing progress?
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