Best Early Farmable Light Character?

What is the best, most worthwhile light character that can be farmed early? I have quite a few good darks, dooku, maul, cad, talia. But for light I only have the starters and another 1*, even though my Chewie is 4* at gear IV, he's not enough to carry everyone else.

Currently investing all arena tokens also in Darth Sideous.


  • I would lean towards Luminara, possibly Ahsoka with cantina credits?
  • Lumi is from level 40 content right? Nothing good that's obtainable before then?

    Currently spending Cantina credits on Old Daka :)
  • Lumi is really good. Her heals are 5% stronger than jedi consular, with 10% heal per turn for 2 turns @ level 6 skill.

    Jawa is worth investing as Light AoE characters are hard to come by.
    Get datcha OR more lumi shards when you can play Galactic Wars.
    Farm jedi consular shards daily. He is a viable healer/dps even for us capped out peeps from soft launch.

    If you got the cash, buy the Barris pack, you would want Barris, she's the flavor of the month, even if not so after future patches, she heals like miracles in Galactic Wars.
  • Luminara, attacker with healing ability. Well worth the effort.
    Dark side, Old Daka is a must.
    "That is why you fail."
  • Ahsoka. Quick decent damage and heal possibilities. Just fragile. Worth it though, and farmable
  • I regret Ahsoka *** and Eeth Koth *****. Eeth does have nice top damage though. Ct 5555 and ig88 are better imo. You will likely need 2 light healers and 1 dark healer for npc battles.
  • Luke from cantina, I dont have him but he is annoying in GW.
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