Roids team

I'm sure lots of people use this team but I haven't found many mentions of it. But I think the most fun team I have used in this game is this Roids (Rey + droids) team. zzzRTJ, bb8, zr2d2, imperial probe Droid and gk. It's a beast on offense with extra speed for all the droids, ipd debuffing and then explosion if needed. On my way to 1st today, I put it on auto against a ns team, Titan team and gk\zarriss (may 16 shard)
My ipd is g8 and 4 star with ok mods but it doesn't need to be much more. And before people get all huffety puffety about whaling (which is totally fine by me) I have spent $40 on this game this year to buy vet smug and ipd pack. The rest is high end arena work and spending WAY too much time on this game. Anyway, try it out if you have these toons. Good fun. And yes, it will likely suck on defense as all teams do


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