Ultimate Guide to "is my gear level high enough for this event?"

This info, carefully researched by -watto-from-TPM- on Reddit, captures the gear requirements needed to have a *reasonable opportunity* of completing the various special events in SWGOH. For example, if you're a newer player and want to build your toons to get R2, or Commander Luke, the next time their special events come around, then this post will be a source of good advice:


Note: Some players may testify that they were able to beat these events with lesser gear. This is almost certainly due to a combination of a) exceptional mods, and/or b) luck. The gear levels in Watto's guide are thoughtfully considered so that exceptional mods / luck aren't required.

All credit for this information goes to -watto-from-TPM- on Reddit. I'm merely posting the link here so players that don't frequent Reddit can be pointed in the direction of this excellent post.
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