The sniping system kinda ruins the PvP experience

It is really demoralising to fight all the way to first, and like another user posted, get knocked down with several seconds to go. I realise that you can 'counter' this by starting a battle with more than 5 minutes to go, and then refresh to get to the next fight straight away... but then, so can the opponent(s). Part of this issue stems from the poor AI in fights, allowing most people to beat teams that are higher in levels, gear and power... and then try again straight away if all else fails (which I guess is good for EA that people spend their shards to refresh).

The other part thats annoying is the lockout. Usually if im at the top of the arena ladder I may still have several battles left to use, and look forward to the 6pm cutoff time only to realise.. I'm locked out. well poop.

A few suggestions:
- Allow human controlled PvP in the arena IF the other player is online. If they get a challenge you can perhaps get a 15 second window to see if an opponent responds to a fight, and if they do, limit the decision making per turn to say, 10 seconds. This at least allows players to 'defend' their position.
- Change how the sniping system works. Perhaps something like an auction system where if your spot was sniped, you have an X amount of time to try to fight back for it (and only giving the first defender the option to fight back otherwise this could go on for a long time). the person that worked hard for their position should somehow be 'rewarded' for the effort they put to get into that position
- Don't allow people to attack the same person more than once within X time. This prevents people from attacking, failing the attack, then refreshing to attack again (and lock out the defending player for yet another 5 minutes).


  • If "live" defence is allowed they would also need to remove timer as some folks would just sit on their turn.
  • If "live" defence is allowed they would also need to remove timer as some folks would just sit on their turn.

    Agreed. It would need to be reworked...more like you have 20 secs to move and if you don't the AI will move for you.
  • Mieleson
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    20seconds would encourage stalling from the defense though, (assuming still 5 minute matches)

    (My original post suggested 10sec but even then the defense can stall a bit...)
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