Need a little newbie help here


  • Thank you all for taking the time to give me so much advice; it is appreciated!

    @FailingCrab, you said that;
    "The reason you're struggling with that particular battle is that all 5 of your characters are fairly low damage dealers. You're using three tanks and two supports, which is unusual to say the least."

    The reason for that is they were not "chosen", they were all that was left, after everyone else got killed, so...not my first choice for the job, certainly... :)
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    Welcome back! Glad to see you are still playing and progressing.
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    Phoenix are far from weak, as long as they are together as a team. It's always been a case of take out one and the rest fall. I've been using them from the start and am still able to stay in the top 125 of arena consistently with them. As others have said, it comes down to knowing your team, and knowing your enemy.

    Also, even if you don't like phoenix for squad arena, they are very good for Emperor Palpatine and essential for Thrawn and Chimera. So you'll need them sooner or later.

    As for GW - I've won 702 GW battles. That's 58.5 GWs at 12 nodes a piece. I've cleared 55 full GWs. Almost all using Phoenix. Not only do I not need a B team - I rarely lose even a single member of my Phoenix squad. Usually only to a specific anti-phoenix squad like the current Emperor/Vader teams. I even fought one of those where the entire team was 85 to my 72-74 and still won with only Kanan dying.

    So in short, don't be so quick to write off Phoenix. They're not going to be auto-win across the board, but they can contribute in a LOT of the game modes.
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    @Kivrin, thanks and glad to see you are still keeping up me! Oh and I got kicked out of my last Guild for non-activity, but now that I am back I got into a new Guild that is super! These guys Raid almost every other day, and with the new Sith Triumvirate thing going, sometimes that is Three Raids in one day!

    Here are the last loot items from just One of these Raids. And the crazy thing is, the MK-V and MK-VI's were Exactly what I needed (except I needed 26 of each)!


    @Trystan_Spyder, Which 5 of the 6 Phoenix team members do you use, and what are their * levels?

  • I haven't done as much but I haven't had any trouble with GW on my alt account since getting the phoenix team complete it is Hera(L), Kanan, Chopper, Zeb , and Ezra . I don't use sabine because she is such a hard farm
  • @Liath, I read this in one of your old posts;
    "I pretty much have to pick one goal at a time and focus on that. When I start thinking about the myriad things I would ideally want to do and how long they would all take I start to go insane. So I need to pick a thing to worry about and set everything else aside."

    I am finding more and more that this helps me; thanks...

    At first, I was working on at least four characters or objectives at a time, because it would feel good when they would all come to fruition at the same time; I really felt as though I had accomplished a lot.

    But when working on only One goal at a time, the speed is Much faster, making the impossible appear a lot more manageable. Very helpful when you have one character that you have to farm 80 shards of, in order to promote to a higher * level...
  • amaze122 wrote: »

    @Trystan_Spyder, Which 5 of the 6 Phoenix team members do you use, and what are their * levels?
    At this point, I've got Zeb/Hera/Ezra/Kanan/Chopper all 7* 72-74 with G8. Sabine is languishing at 2*. But that wasn't the case when I started using them - they've been solid ever since I got the band back together.
    Once you start clearing GW consistently Zeb is easy to 7*. Kanan is a bit more work depending on your squad arena rank, but farming Ezra and Hera makes Chopper pretty straightforward.
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    My top four toons Still need 20 of this item, "MK-5". and it is Only available through Raids (something that I did not know last time I posted). So I have to wait for each Raid to finish and "pray" that it is among the items "retrieved". :/


    @Trystan_Spyder, Here is my Phoenix Team. I have noticed that the more stars they have, the more effective they are.

    I am working on something else right now, but just for conjecture, in what order of importance would you rank them, as far as who to level up first?


    @Anyone, Several of my important characters are only promotable through shards obtained here-->>, but I cannot tell where this is?


    These are the new Sith Triumvirate Raid characters. I have seen many guides for how to deal with them, but they all involved characters that were either zeta'ed out, or Much more advanced than the toons that I possess. What I have been doing is just attacking all of the side characters, so that there are less enemy attacking Me, and Then focusing on the main two middle ones, Sion and that guy in the middle...


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    Firstly, welcome back.

    Fusion Furnace is one of the early gear choke points which you will face. Fortunately, the salvage is quite common from Heroic Pit, I have like 500++ spare. This is the reason why people advised you to get a 7* character as soon as possible and join a guild that clears Heroic Pit as soon as possible. You could try requesting for some through Guild donations since some of the older guild members probably have an abundance of this, but you can unfortunately only request 5 pieces daily. The only way to advance your gear acquisition faster is to purchase the full Furnace from Shipments.

    You're not high level enough yet to clear till Light Side 9-C Hard mode. You'd need to clear all the previous levels before unlocking Level 9. (i.e. you'd need to clear 8,7,6 and so on)
    Since it is Hard mode, means you'd need to also clear Light Side 9 Normal mode first too.
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    Huatimus wrote: »
    The only way to advance your gear acquisition faster is to purchase the full Furnace from Shipments.
    Occasionally mk5 furnace salvage appears in the guild store rotation.

  • amaze122 wrote: »

    @Trystan_Spyder, Here is my Phoenix Team. I have noticed that the more stars they have, the more effective they are.

    I am working on something else right now, but just for conjecture, in what order of importance would you rank them, as far as who to level up first?

    Well I always try to keep Zeb and Ezra at the level cap. Zeb is probably the first 7* out of that crew if you're clearing GW a lot. Ezra is the only real damage dealer, so he needs to be as strong as possible.

    Kanan needs HP and protection to take a beating, but that is more mod/gear dependent than stars/levels. Chopper has a taunt but I don't let him tank too much. He's there for his unique and cleanse.

    Hera is the glue that holds it together, but again she doesn't need as many stars/levels to do her thing.
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  • Welcome back Amaze. Looking foreward to reading your posts as your starwars journey continues.
  • @Trystan_Spyder, not quite who I thought you'd pick (thought Kanaan would be above Ezra), but I am definitely gonna look into your choices and let you know; thanks!

    @kindlekm thanks for the info! @Naraic I have actually had to purchase some from shipments but hopefully Never again! 560 Crystals for 20 MK-V's; Ouch! And only After I make the purchase do I find out that I now need 20 more...For Four More Characters! (So far)...

    @Huatimus I already tried Guild Exchange, only got ONE, Lmao... By the way, why is it that when I request something, I get 1 of 5, or 2 of 5, whereas some of these people in here are able to order "10" of each item? Do I not have a high enough level yet (I am level 76)? I asked in Guild chat but no one responded... :|

    Oh yeah, and I found out that the reason I cannot progress any further on that Light Side 9-C Hard mode is because I have to be level 85 (I already cleared all the rest of the mode levels, for Light and Dark)

    @Halfbaked, thanks, I actually missed all this endless grinding and am (sorta) glad to be back. The reason for the ambivalence is Every time I try to get my Lando up to 7*, with my Cantina energy, and my Boba up to 6*, with my Regular Energy, Immediately my refresh charge becomes "200 crystals", as though the game senses what I am up to, and then these figures come dancing out like at the movie theatre, only instead of singing "lets go out to the lobby", they are singing "crystals, got your crystals right here, yo"!

    And even though I try to play smart and patiently wait All Day for the refresh rate to change over at Midnight the way it Used To...

    When I try at 3:00 in the morning, it is Still "200 crystals"; and just now I tried again, at 7:41 p.m. the Next Day, and.... You guessed it! Still!! :/

  • Daylight savings times have changed, EA struggles with this
  • Your first 3 recharges of cantina energy cost 100 crystals, then it goes to 200 crystals (don't spend that). Your first 3 normal energy refreshes cost 50 crystals, then it scales up to 100 (don't spend that either).
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    Raid only purple drops like Fusion Furnace is restricted to 5. Common purple drops you can request up to 10. Don’t bother requesting for things like Carbanti, Stun Gun and Stun Cuffs, everybody needs them.

    Edit: Looks like I was mistaken, Raid only purples is restricted to 2. Normal purples is 5. Blue and below is 10.
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    As not everywhere in the world recognizes or starts daylight savings time at the same time, the game's timers do not adjust for daylight savings time.
  • @Huatimus one thing that I have found in every Guild that I have been in thus far (3), if you give, you get.

    I held the record for pieces of gear given to other players in my last guild even though I was only there for a couple weeks. In this Guild, under Guild Benefactor, in Achievements, I am 72/100.

    I don't know if the game keeps a running tab of donations made in all three Guilds, or if I have donated those 72 items in this Guild, but I do donate a Lot of stuff, I figure if I want someone else to sacrifice, I have to show them the Way, first.... o:)
  • I could be wrong, but I think for Mk 5 furnaces, only 2 can be given for a request. As for the differing amounts of donations, I believe they scale by rarity. For example, more common items are 10 to fill the request, less common are 5. Rare items are 2 and there are some that can’t be requested at all. Hope this helps.
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    For guild gear requests, the border color of the gear dictates how many of them you can request at a time. You can request 10 of a grey, green, or blue gear and 5 of a purple or gold gear.

    The donations tab under guild management will show you how many donations you have made to your current guild, while your donation achievement will track your total donations made to any guild.

    @amaze122 if you want to star up your Phoenix characters, you will need 5 of them at 7 stars to get Grand Admiral Thrawn at 7 stars, which you definitely want. He is incredibly useful in arena and raids. Zeb is generally the first to 7*, not because he’s the most important, but because he’s the easiest to star up. For me, Hera was the last one to 7*.

    For the Sith raid, it’s very helpful to read the raid description so you know how the raid works. The first phase is against Darth Nihilus. He inflicts defense down when hit with a basic attack and gains protection when hit with a basic from someone with defense down. That means do your best not to have any character hit him twice in a row with a basic ability. You also need to time the blue shield so you activate it right before he does annihilate.

    The second phase is against Darth Sion. He inflicts locked debuffs that make you stronger, but make him stronger as well. You can time when to get rid of these to balance your characters’ health and damage.

    Third phase is against Darth Treya. Everything you do hurts your whole team unless she’s toppled, so I try to topple her (kill all the lightsabers) as often as I can. You can reduce the damage done to your team, but each character can only do it once.

    Fourth phase is against all 3. Use your regular attacks on Sion and your specials on Nihilus until they’re both dead. Then you can attack Treya. In the fourth phase, you need to balance all the abilities to do the most damage and stay alive the longest.
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    As you can see, in my Guild only two of this item (MK-V) can be ordered, so yeah, rare indeed...

    Edit: I did not realize this limitation when I posted earlier tonite.... :)


    Thanks for all the DST info.

    @Kai_Mulai I am going to try your techniques, Thanks! B)
  • @amaze122 -

    Well that's because Kanaan is only there to take hits. If Ezra is behind in gear/levels/stars or out of commission, Phoenix aren't doing any damage. Zeb is important for his stun (and does decent damage), and as others mentioned if you're spending GW currency every day he's going to hit 7* first.
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  • @Trystan_Spyder, Ah, I see, thanks..

    @Anyone; I am trying to level up Moff Tarkin's ship but the game says it has reached "Max XP", and the "Enhance" button is faded out and therefore un-accessible. The ship is only at Level 76!


  • what level are you ? , I have never checked this but if your higher than 76 you might have to level tarkin himself to level his ship more
  • @kindlekm that may be it. I am currently a smidge away from level 77, maybe one or two more fights.

    When I hit level 77, I'll see if you were right... :)
  • amaze122 wrote: »
    @kindlekm that may be it. I am currently a smidge away from level 77, maybe one or two more fights.

    When I hit level 77, I'll see if you were right... :)
    He’s right. Your toons can’t be leveled past your player level.
  • amaze122 wrote: »
    @kindlekm that may be it. I am currently a smidge away from level 77, maybe one or two more fights.

    When I hit level 77, I'll see if you were right... :)
    He’s right. Your toons can’t be leveled past your player level.

    Exactly this. You, as a player, must be at or above level 77 before your characters or ships can be upgraded to level 77.
  • Hey guess what everybody? I now am level 77, but have no more money to upgrade anyway, LMAO :)

    But thank you all for the input.

    Navigating the Squad Arena used to be fun when I first started, but now is like fun, but in a Minefield, LoL

    I pick who I am going to fight by choosing someone with a Squad Power less than mine (mine is currently 55,488), so anyone below that is meat, heheheh.

    Also I look for someone who doesn't have their act together; all my A-Team is 7* or 6*, so if I see some half-azzed toons milling about with 4*, I smell blood in the water, and splash on over to enjoy my meal.

    But I just had a major "Whoah" moment!

    I realized for the first time that apparently stars Do count more than level because for the last week I noticed that I am the only one in my Squad Arena with the rank of 77! With the exception of a few stragglers, almost everyone is "starred up", mostly 7* these days, but rank wise? Everyone I am facing is from rank 70 to 73, only a few are even 74!

    And I know from facing some of these people that they are Very formidable, even though it is a Lot easier to win nowadays with This team, (Rey, Kylo, and Boba all have one Omega apiece, and Lando has Two and they are almost all at Gear Level IX! (sigh of satisfaction, just watching the carnage)..heheh-->>


    Also, Another thing I notice from clicking on individual characters that I am facing (who are 7*, but only level 74 and below) is that their owners have been Very lax in filling their Mod requirements, with several of these toons having at least three Mods at level 1 (but Still, as I said, able to kick Tons of butt; I know from facing them personally).

    So apparently that is it, I don't need to keep Leveling my characters to be a major contender, just save All That Money, and keep Promoting them and Gearing them...

    I wish there was a way that I could check the Gear Level of an opponent, but I could see no way to do so.

  • Naraic
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    See above link for how to recognise gear

    You will later learn that the main function of level is to unlock stuff not to grow your stats itself.

    For example some abilities unlock at level 82 and most characters need level 84 or 85 for gear x or xi.
  • @Naraic thanks for the guide, very helpful!

    Also, 'ppreciate the insights on "levels".

    Had a bit of a problem recently I entered the Rancor Raid for my Guild, and now that I have Two characters at 7*, it would not let me just use one, I Could Not Enter unless I "chose" both.

    Then, even though I only clicked on the side Pigs, of course Lando's power is AOE, and so I caused damage (the rule is "0" damage the first 24 hrs).

    How could I have avoided this, since the game would Not let me enter with only one of my 7* characters?
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