Advice please

Hello I’m a returning player and I would like take some advice on team building so I progess through the game here is the charecters I do have
Also here are some questions if you could answer.
What’s the meta team?
What do ships do?
What teams should I build?
What mods should I put on my characters?
Also what characters should I go for?
Thank you for your help


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    A lot to read, but hang in there.

    The current meta team depends on your ranking and arena shard, but for top 20 in my arena shard it is Commander luke skywalker as leader, general kenobi, han solo, r2d2 and barris, or just resistance faction.
    For top 100-200 it is a mixed bag, empire teams, maul sith teams, resistance teams, rebel teams, nightsisters teams and teams consisting of mixed factions, all the teams in top 100-200 are all 7 stars and usually gear level 11 minimum (most are almost all gear level 12). Top 500 and 1000 are about the same team comps, but more Phoenix squad teams.

    Ships are needed sadly, because they help you get more toons and the all important zeta ability material, it makes your toons go from strong to super insanely strong. The 9 very best easy to obtain ships (the toons listed have ships, you have to farm ships the same way as you farm toons) are: ahsoka tano, jedi consular, biggs, fives, wedge, empire tie pilot, First Order tie pilot, sun fac and boba fett (darth vader´s ship is the very best, but it does not show in fleet store often, although it is f2p).
    Some of them are still used in higher fleet arena rankings, you get minimum 800 fleet token every day, use that to farm toons and ships in fleet store and also zeta mats. For ship battles there are material and training droid and ship credits challenges, and there is also fleet/ship arena and now there is territory battales and territory wars which both have fleet battles.
    You need a fleet commander (for both light side and dark side), the commanders are tarkin, ackbar, mace windu and thrawn, i suggest you go all in on tarkin and ackbar, they needed for the 2 most important challenges. You also need windu for the last challenge, but if you do galactic war and cantina battles every day, that challenge becomes less important as you are rewarded ship training droids through GW and cantina, plus i do not think that windu is a good fleet commander or a good toon.

    Here is my opinion: You have wedge and biggs, they the very best f2p toons in the game (no hard nodes, no guild tokens needed, no pay-wall), get them up to the same level (stars + gear + level) as lando, do the same for ackbar and stormtrooper han. Wedge as leader, ST han, biggs, lando and ackbar. This is a very strong arena team, i still see them in top 200 and even top 100 in my arena shard. Although with so many counter attack teams in arena, or toons that can counterattack, you might want to replace lando with princess leia (i know what you´re thinking 'leia?!', but if you don´t have han solo the tier 7 rancor raid reward, she is great, loads of damage output).

    Many may say forget this advice, go for the Commander Luke Skywalker and/or jedi training rey important toons instead so you are ready for their respective heroes journey events. But as i see it, you are critically lacking some very important toons for your overall progression in the game as a whole, not just progression towards a specific event or toon. You need toons that will help you with the credit heist event (you can win up to 10 million credits), as well as toons that will help you clear a galactic war campaign every day, they are your main sources of credits. Not to mention teams that will help you in raids, your main source of important gear, or guild tokens so you can buy said gear in the guild store, because even if you manage to get the important toons to 7 stars, they will be too low gear level to clear the events, forcing you to wait another 4 months before you have them ready and finally get CLS or JT rey.

    So i strongly suggest that you first farm and gear up your credit heist team, to 5 stars and gear level 8 (it works for me) i suggest these toons: Boba fett, cad bane, lando, IG-88 and stormtrooper han. After that farm and gear up the rebel team i suggested above, all the way to 7 stars and gear level 9.

    When you have done them, you decide if you want to get ready for jedi training ray first, or Commander Luke Skywalker first. I think you can only get ready for one them in time for the next time we see him or her, but as both veteran han solo and veteran chewbacca are needed for the jedi traing rey event, i think it is far more likely for you to be ready for the CLS event first. The reason is that the 2 veterans are in the very last nodes in the last stage of cantina battles, it will take you a long time to get there and 3 star those nodes, since you do not really have a useful team to clear that stage.

    I will also include toons that will help you with your overall progression, the event important toons will also help you.

    So with that in mind this should be your farming priorities: Cantina battles, 1 (farmboy) luke skywalker, 2 old ben, 3 empire tie pilot, 4 Royal Guard, 7 ayla secura, 8 jedi knight anakin, 9 barris offee.

    Cantina store, Stormtrooper (he sucks, but if you don´t have many empire toons, he is a fairly quick farm, but if you have 5 other empire toons that you can get to 7 stars, forget about stormtrooper). After him 1 boba fett, 2 old daka, 3 qui.gon jin, 4 fives, 5 Poe dameron, after them you decide.

    Arena store, 1 Stormtrooper Han, 2 Princess leia, 3 Grandmoff Tarkin, 4 admiral ackbar, 5 IG-88, 6 savage opress, 7 darth sidious, after them you decide.
    Galactic war store (do not farm ships there, unless you are desperate), 1 biggs darklighter, 2 magmatrooper (not a strong attacker, but i list him for the same reason as stormtrooper), 3 teebo (he is the very best f2p rancor raid toon, jyn erso is the new number 1 but she can only be found in guild store), 4 captain phasma, 5 cad bane, after them you decide but you can not go wrong with luminara, after them you decide.

    Guild store, 1 rex (get him asap), 2 i would suggest you farm whatever other suggested toons you need (you decide the order to get them).

    Hard nodes light/dark side battles, farm the ones listed above if you can find them there, make sure to farm gear, gear level is about as important as star count, fx a 7 star gear level 7 character is as strong as a 5 star gear level 9-10 character. Daily activity rewards will help you.

    They are all toons that you will need, or help you get what you need for many events, like emperor palpatine, grandmaster yoda and R2D2.
    After the ones listed above, i would suggest that you farm the resistance and first order factions, they are starting to be 'must have' factions at the moment (arena and territory battles + wars), in fact finn´s leadership with a zeta upgrade is probably the best currently. Until then use wedge and biggs in arena.

    P.S. A general rule i use, when you start farming a character, finish farming that character all the way up to 7 stars, you avoid wasting time and resources that way, unless it is necessary for the sake of building up your team for an event or challenge, in that case build up for 1 event/challenge at a time.

    P.S. again. And some galactic war advise, galactic war sets the difficulty according to your 5 strongest toons (the first five you see in your roster under the 'all' tab, not arena power), pick 3 teams to build up side by side, when 1 team is at the same gear level, then focus on the next team and then the third team, after that go back to the first team and repeat the process. This way you should avoid getting sudden/impossible difficulty spikes.
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    Some good stuff there

    One thing I disagree about is credit heists. Yes they are essential but your current scoundrels should be able to clear tier iv

    You have 7 star Lando, 7 star Cad, 6 star boba, 5 star greedo 5 star Dengar and a few four stars. You should be able to clear it with that team. There's no need to farm anything for credit heists except some gear.
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    Thank you for the help
    this will help me out a lot
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