GW Shipment investment?

Who do you think are the best Heroes to invest in with your Galactic War Shipment Crystals?
They are:
Tusken Raider
Poggle The Lesser
Biggs Darklighter
Nightsister Initiate
Resistance Pilot
IG-86 Sentinel Droid
Luminara Unduli

Before you all say Luminara I'm already doing so now. But after starring her I just can't see myself ever using any other heroes that are available there. When I first saw the list of available heroes to buy shards for I was very disappointed. If I don't want anyone other than Luminara Unduli I'll probably just save the rest of my crystals until they one day add more heroes to the list or items.
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    IG-86 or resistance are my next 2 after luminara, in that order. Both of them seem to do insane damage..
  • Davo
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    im probably going for ig-86 and poggle. i do love me some droids and I would be best served by building the support squad to go with the eventual general grievous
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    Dathcha is kinda important, as you will see a fair number of droid heavy teams as people start to diversify

    Poggle may become important if you plan on creating an Droid anti Jedi team
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  • Song
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    I just completed my Luminara 3Stars. I think i will just keep getting more shards to upgrade to 4Stars. Today im able to get 800 War Token. I think you won't go wrong if you keep upgrade Luminara or Dathcha.

    My level is lv45. Just wondering how many War Token you guys getting and what level are you?
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    I'm doing as you are, only farming Luminara shards. If I had to choose another path, Dathcha would be a possibility, maybe Nightsister or IG-86 perhaps...
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