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First of great game, it was the first handygame i spend money on, but i think i will quitt. The reason is simple, i got my squad farmed mostly and im more or less happy, but the system this game uses in PvP is to easy to be misused and im not a person to do that for better results. As an example for what i mean, i just got wracked by an inferior team because i got mass stunned to death by Doku and Daka combo. My chars where literally stunned to death. The debuffprocs on defending teams are just frustrating, if the random god of madness is not on your side you have no chance. At the moment this game is all about luck, and that sucks.

Galactic War is trial and error, nothing more, because you can reset every fight.

And grinding for loot is not that much of ea problem but i dont believe that there is no problem with the code. If you refresh energy, you will see it happen that after some tries to get your item there comes a time when only some droides drop money and stuff, but no items. again and again and again. until you once attack something diffrent or you atttack manually. that breaks the cycle.

Still a good game was fun.


  • I'm right there with ya breh.
  • I enjoy the game very much, but I agree with you about the ai and the luck involved. I'm so tired of a squad with equal/inferior power levels or no synergy beating me only because all of their buffs/debuffs proc against me, while mine are dodged or deflected or just don't go off. It's ruining arena for me. I only play the 3 matches for the dailies and to keep my rank in the prize bracket I want to be in. I can't even use my best squad in arena because of the way Galactic wars are set, though I still get screwed and get matched against players and characters that are 5+ levels higher than me by the 6th stage in GW. Hopefully an update will come soon that will address these things. Thanks guys
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