Daily Guild Activites Schedule With Tips OPENED TO PUBLIC. EXCELLENT For New To Intermediate Players

This before private Daily Guild Activities Schedule With Tips has been made visible for all of the SWGOH community and public to make use of. Provides info, instructions, and guides within each day's item upon clicking. Great for all levels of players, but especially useful for new, returning, and intermediate level players. It helps you get the maximum rewards with the least amount of work.

It is a Guild Activity guide for each day in real time display. It is now part of the Schedules and Calendars, and specifically at Daily Guild Activities Schedule With Tips. On that page are also links that allow you to view a single day, a week, or do a monthly view. Typical usage is the Daily or Weekly view. You can also see the SWGOH Guild Activities Schedule on the right pane of any Members Area page (look to right and scroll down) with links for each day. That has also been been made available for public to see. Essentially there are multiple ways to get to the same information for ease.
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