Clone Sgt - Phase I... Bronzium awarded no shards, but credited as achievement

So I'm not sure what happened here, but I opened a Bronzium card and it appeared to award me an unlock (not just shards) for the Clone Sgt. However, it didn't award the 1/2 allocation of shards since I already have him as one of the default characters from the intro/tutorial (as we all do).

But what is weird, is that it counted as a Light Side character unlock since I got the 7/7 achievement as a result. When I check my roster, I still only have 6 Light Side characters unlocked.

Seems like something in the system isn't properly flagging the initial issue of the Clone Sgt during the intro and if/when it shows up via a card pack, it credits you with the unlock (again?).

I did not appear to receive any other reward though. No shards or other changes to my existing Clone Sgt other than the 7/7 Light Side unlock achievement. I confirmed that I actually only have 6 Light Side characters in my roster...
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  • This just happened to me as well. I was awarded clone sergeant from bronzium pack, but I already had it. I didn't get any shards, but it triggered the 7 light characters acheivement, despite only having 6 light characters.
  • This happened to me too I did not really notice because I never really use that character but honestly they need to fix a lot of bugs before they think about adding more characters
  • Don't worry, be happy? :*
  • This isn't specific to Clone Sergeant.

    I have not been awarded shards for full character unlocks and the response from support was that this is working as intended.
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    Seems to be a random occurrence for me. I got a jedi consular I already had in the bronze pack no shards, but the snow trooper I already had awarded 7 shards. New game gotta work out the kinks cause releasing things in beta is EA's new thing, trust me I Preordered both BF3 and BF4 both horrifying launches. Battlefield 4 now has been out for 2 years 2 months and they are still changing things every patch. Its like everytime theres a patch you have to relearn the whole game, reading patch notes has become a must not just good to know info.
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