Please add a Squad button

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The addition of being able to save squads was awesome! Thank you!

However, it’s a bit awkward to get to the squad screen since you essentially have to go to enter a battle to get the squad screen option. Plus,like today after finishing all my battles and an arena battle, the were no battles I could do to open up the squad button. Could you please simply add a squad button the the character screen, so we can jump from updating characters to adjusting and laying out squads..

Also, would it be possible to add a “blocked assigned” button to each tab in the squad that when enabled would not let you assign a toon to a squad if it’s already been assign ( on that squad tab only). This would be very helpful in setting up things like Territory wars teams. You could set up your teams on the one tab and easily see which toons are remaining... or alternatively just highlight, or grey-out toons that are already assigned in squads.. something to make it obvious which toons are assigned vs remaining...

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