How does crit rating work?

Numbers such as 200 crit rating are a little too abstract for anyone to know what they mean without context, so how is crit rating actually calculated?

is it the number divided by 10, or a more complicated formula with diminishing retuerns, for example, or is it a rating that is dependant on the opponents stats as well?


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    And how does evasion work?

    Everyone seems to have a dodge rating of 0 yet a percentage increase of that somehow grants evasion??
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  • ive been trying to figure both those out as well. And are the percentages additive or multiplicative? Usually id think theyd be multiplicative as additive can sometimes lead to 100% or more of something. But without a base rating, im having trouble figuring out what value +10% dodge / crit (for example) has to a certain character or squad
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