Question about buying packs

Dear all heroes,

I am so interested in buying the pack now which includes Barriss.

However, I already have Ashoka, Asajj and that sister. So that makes me curious i will spend that money on just Barriss? Or will they give me something else to compensate?

Anyone be kind please help me! Thanks


  • You will get shards for the characters you already have, and they will be used for ranking up the star rating of those characters making them more powerful.
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  • I see, thanks. Then I will buy the pack, I was just worry if I was wasting money or something.

    Buying the shards though do you think it worth the packs?
  • Personally, i wouldnt buy a pack if i alrdy have 2 of the 3 toons. Look for another pack for toons u dont have or wait for other pack releases. Many good squad combinations out there.
  • Qeltar
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    What level are you? What is your rank in arena?
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  • I got the pack before it ends, and Barriss really changes my gameplay and I can finally moving forward for some stucked areas!
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