Crystal booster packs ... again

Hi there, just wondering if there's any new info in whether the Crystal boosters ate coming back? Losing them has stopped me spending on the game completely as I point blank refuse to until an equivalent deal is produced


  • I feel like if they were gonna come back they would of already. Its not difficult to tweak the numbers a little if thats all they were going to do. Not like its a coding thing that takes many hours like fixing mechanical things in game. At this point I have no hope of seeing those booster packs again.
  • The problem was that people were not spending the crystals daily and letting them pile up until they could afford to buy something bigger. They won't bring it back until they figure out how to make those crystals expire somehow. So never, basically.
  • CG_Carrie wrote: »
    We've heard your feedback around the removal of the Daily Crystal Booster. We do intend to replace it with a new offer which will be similar in some ways and different in others. We simply did not have its replacement ready in time before we needed to take the Daily Crystal Booster down.

    Unfortunately we can't get into the specifics in why it had to be removed - but rest assured it's not because we particularly hate money (like some have theorized) or love money (like some others have theorized).

    It's right up there with hardware abilities for fleet...

    in the meantime please get ready while we get yet another Han Solo, and a dark / light side TB where the galaxy is fighting NS zombies
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