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Hiya Holotable Heroes, and happy new year! Here are the Game Updates for 01/10/2018.


The price for Treason is our newest addition to the Holotable- First Order Executioner! This brutal dark side unit brings additional damage to any First Order squad and is ideal when paired with Kylo Ren (Unmasked).

For more information on the First Order Executioner further details can be reviewed via the Character strategy post linked below:

The First order Relentless V

Join forces with FIRST ORDER EXECUTIONER and earn Shards by battling the enemies of the First Order in this Marquee event.
  • Date event begins: January 11th
  • Minimum Lv requirements: 20+

Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns
Thrawn returns in the following events:
  • The Artist of War
  • Chimaera

Gather your PHOENIX SQUADRON characters and launch a daring attack to obtain shards for GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN. This mission will consist of four encounters as your squadron infiltrates the imposing Capital Ship - CHIMAERA. Battle your way through waves of the EMPIRE's best IMPERIAL TROOPERS, culminating in a harrowing final battle with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Additionally, band together with the heroes of Rebels and other pilots from the Rebellion to meet this Imperial challenge in Lothal space and earn blueprints of the Chimaera!

Can you emerge victorious once more against Grand Admiral Thrawn?
  • Date both events begin: January 18th
  • Minimum Lv Requirements: 20+
  • Notes: Ships unlocked, Phoenix Squadron


First Order Merciless Pack
Power up the all-new First Order Executioner with this limited-time pack! This First Order Attacker gains strength with each weakened or defeated enemy and synergizes exceptionally well with Kylo Ren (Unmasked)'s leadership.
Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for the First Order Executioner, and may drop up to 330 SHARDS! This Pack will be available January 11th.
Characters include:
  • First Order Executioner shards
1299 Crystals
No purchase limit
Minimum Lv requirements: 20+


First Order Merciless Bundle
Power up the brand-new First Order Executioner with the FIRST ORDER MERCILESS BUNDLE & PACK - now in the store for a limited time! This Bundle will be available January 11th.
Pack Contents:
  • Character Shards: First Order Executioner
  • Credits
  • XP Droids
  • Ability Mats
Maximum 1 purchase.
Minimum Lv requirements: 20+

Light side Starter Bundle
In the Store for a limited time only, purchase this bundle to start your journey to the Light Side! Includes 4 character unlocks that will help you form a party to fight the coming battles ahead, PLUS plenty of bonus Crystals and resources to help you level these characters up! This Pack will be available when players level up from level 7 to 8.
  • Characters include:
  • Chewbacca (Clone Wars)
  • Clone Sergeant - Phase 1
  • Jedi Consular
  • Stormtrooper Han
Maximum 1 purchase.
Minimum Lv requirements: When the player levels up from 7 to 8, with a 7 day timer (so pack stays visible for 7 days after it first appears).


  • German - Fixed an issue where the Store Tips box is showing the wrong description (Aurodium pack reference).

Guild Events
  • Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation-Fixed incorrect inbox message for Imperial Probe Droid rewards from Hoth - Imperial Retaliation event.


Hold on to what you love.


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