Kylo Ren Promo

Anyone having issues with the Kylo Ren Promo.
I have spent hours on the phone to get EA to give him to me because it didn’t pop up. Turns out I had a guest account which was underage. They told me to create a new gamecenter account and start a new game, once I did this they transferred my guest game to my gamecenter account which was awesome. But they are fighting me hard on giving me Kylo. I don’t get it. He’s free and they can see I never received him. After 2 plus hours on the phone and multiple emails. I still have not received him and I don’t think I will.

Any help or ideas?


  • for 2 hours at work you could have earned 40$
  • .
  • I’m not sure if the giveaway is still active, but I had the same issue, I saw the devs explaining in a post here that if you use the same mobile phone or tablet with different accounts and you had obtained Kylo in one of them, you won’t receive it in the other one.
    The solution is to log in from a device that hasn’t obtained Kylo (I recommend preferably one that don’t even has the game installed) and you will get him

    I used my wife’s iPad and it worked

    I hope the promo is still valid and you are able to get him!

  • I tried 2 different devices. It didn’t work. But thank you.
  • Just an update for others. I will not recieve Kylo Ren because my accounts birthday is Dec 14’. So
    EA thinks it’s a 4 yr old account and is not eligible for the promo. But they will accept my debit card.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I play on my Iphone and also have another account on my iPad. I signed out of my gamecenter account on my iPad and started a new game a while back. I got a free Kylo on my phone, but not the iPad. I tried multiple things but I couldn't get Kylo. Finally, as a last resort out of frustration, I uninstalled the app then redownloaded it and I got him instantly in my inbox when I opened it up for the first time. :)
  • Lol thanks. I tried that. I even made
    New Apple ids on devices I never used and installed game and nothin.
  • I can't get the Kylo Ren and i have done all of the success criteria... :'(:'(
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