Beginner's Guide to Guild Etiquette

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Welcome to a guild, holotable heroes! This will be a source of gear, characters, and currencies to help you grow even stronger. It can also be a great source of community, but with community come social rules that aren't always stated. Below you'll find some simple tips and tricks to help you have a pleasant guild experience.
Raid Tickets
Every time your guild raids, a leader or officer has to spend a certain amount of raid tickets to start the raid. These tickets are earned by all members of a guild at the rate of 1 ticket per energy spent. Each member can generate up to 600 tickets a day; if someone is talking about "getting your 600 done" this is what they mean. You naturally get 375 regular energy and 165 cantina energy every day. This means that to reach 600 tickets every day, you will need to buy a single refresh of either regular or cantina energy. Do note that if you switch guilds, your raid ticket contribution will be reset, so your old guild will miss out and you'll start with 0 tickets for the day in your new guild.
Raid "Zero Damage" Cooldown
Guilds often have members from a wide range of time zones. In order to give every member a chance to register damage in a raid to receive gear, most guilds have a "zero damage policy". For the first 24 hours that a raid is open (most common time frame), you aren't allowed to do any damage. If you won't be around when the guild says attacks can begin, you can "post a zero" and still get rewards. To post a zero, simply enter the raid with a very weak character and do not target the main boss. Ideally your character will die right away, but if it doesn't, make sure you target one of the weaker minions instead of the boss itself. Only damage against the raid boss registers, so damaging the minions on the side won't break the zero damage policy.
Territory Battles
These are like complex, guild-wide Galactic War sessions. They span multiple days and offer a range of challenges, but they provide valuable Guild Event Tokens and crystals. Different guilds have different rules regarding these, so make sure you pay attention to your officers' orders in chat and on the battle map. You'll need a number of teams for both Light Side and Dark Side battles. Phoenix are required for some missions in the Light Side Territory Battle, and they have a lot of sustain to help you survive all 6 waves. Imperial Troopers are required for several missions in the Dark Side Territory Battle, and they are one of the strongest teams available for this game mode. If you're looking to improve, focusing on starring and gearing these teams will help.
Territory Wars
These are strategic, guild-wide arena match-ups. Your guild sets defense squads and then has to beat as many of the opponent's defense squads as possible. Cooperation is key to success, so following officer orders here is extremely important. Make sure you pay attention to chat and commands posted on territories so you can help your guild where they need it most. Do note that your character progress (mods, level, abilities, gear, stars) is locked at the start of the setup phase, so all changes need to be finished before the end of the preview phase.
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