82 Mill+ Guild Looking to replace 3.

Hello everyone. Our guild is looking to replace a few players that aren't contributing to TB and TW with strong, active players. We currently have 82 mill gp+, and we're looking for players with 1.5 Mill gp+. We have both heroic raids on farm (24H 0 damage on both raids), and will likely get 33* on this LS TB- I think we got 30* on the last DS. We run raids at 7pm mountain time (9pm EST). We expect all to contribute to TB and TW, and we have lost 1 TW, tied 1, and won all the others.
We want players who get close to 600/day (although we understand life sometimes makes this hard to do), as well as active participation in TB (We're hunting for stars!) and TW (zetas!!!). And having CLS, CHS and Starck are all big ++. We have several people working on Starck now, and will be getting 15+ Leia shards. We require Discord for chatting and coordinating attacks, and typically reserve in game chat for giving directions.
We are a very social group who love to discuss strategy and give/seek squad advice- we'd love to find more active chatters/contributors.
Private message me on here if this sounds like your kind of guild! Here's our SWGOH account if you're interested:

And send me yours if you want to join

-Mol Boda


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