Difficulties with beating META teams? Watch this! - SWGoH arena top10 gameplay


  • This is like the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes version of "first world problems," lol. :smiley: (BTW, I hate it when people use that phrase so now I hate myself.)
  • Liath
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    That's great and all, but the people who need this (you are advertising to people having trouble beating meta teams....) probably aren't the people who have or will soon have IPD.
  • Right! Imperial Probe droid? General Kenobi? CLS, Raid Han? If I could win the battles to get these, then... I could win battles. After spending big bucks in my first six months I am learning to play free. The big bucks are gone and the new events are still out of my league. I will build slowly and remember IT IS JUST A GAME. If it stops being fun enough elsewhere to put up with tedious resource collection activities, I can find another game. Helpful guilds like mine can always find replacements for those of us who eventually quit.
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