A Possible Beast Of An Offensive Team.

This team would require 4 main toons (Emperor Palpatine, Imperial Probe Droid, Deathtrooper and Grand Admiral Thrawn).

To make this team work you, theoretically, need to make your Emperor Palpatine the toon that goes first on your squad. Then use his healing ability which in turn will drain health from the other toons including the Probe Droid. Have your Probe Droid go next and use his self destruct ability to remove an enemy from the enemy team. Have Deathtrooper use his terminate ability to inflict Deathmark upon another toon and use Thrawns Fracture ability to hit that enemy 4 times thus triggering Deathmark to deal extra damage 4 times to wipe that enemy. From there on your only have 3 enemies to deal with making the battle pretty much a home run.

If there is any way that this team could be improved or changed I would love to know.

I alook have not been able to test this team so I am not sure if it works.


  • It will be tough to get EP first i think. If speed wasnt an issue this could work!
  • Flamethrow wrote: »
    It will be tough to get EP first i think. If speed wasnt an issue this could work!

    You could even make Thrawn go first and swap TM with Palpatine
  • Riktoven2
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    One enemy Raid Han shuts this whole plan down when he stuns Palp.

    Not sure what to do about that, other than use your own raid han as your 5th and hope you win the coin toss.
  • Sith1
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    Zzthrawn ep zipd shore and storm do the trick just fine for me. So yes your theory works but not in that exact order depending on who you face
  • There is a video of this on YouTube. Great team on offense but not so great on defense. Also the big deal breaker is Raid Han / CLS and EP is just too squishy
  • Also would probably have trouble with NS, or really any team if on defense.
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