Character Reveal: First Order Executioner



  • Goodgil wrote: »
    Like all units with crazy maxed health, his downfall will come from health % effects (DOTs, Plague, Exposes, Deathmark). Also, his simple kit is both hos strength & his weakness - the AI will handle him , but anyone can learn how to beat him quickly. Also, he relys on crits, and GK is still everywhere in arena. He seems powerful, but balanced. I like it

    This. NS will still tear him apart. Easily controlled by Raid Han, Thrawn, and R2. Not impressed.
  • Droideka wrote: »
    That scene seemed hypocritical of Phasma. She said that the price for treason is death, yet she betrayed the First Order and lowered Starkiller's forcefields at gunpoint.
    Yeah, man, if you can't trust a villain to be true to their word then who CAN you trust?
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • Gifafi wrote: »
    I hope Snoke is next. He demonstrated awesone abilities and looks so powerful in the movie that he had to be taken out with a dirty trick... (the Sidious way...)

    awesome abilities? joking, right? guy shows up for a few scenes and drags a few people around with the force. zzzzzzz. Also no clue why people want the red guards. Can't think of a single TLJ character I would want in game.

    jabba or **** imo

    rtt: sweet, another helmet. kit looks kinda nuts but zzzzz x2

    Not joking. He bounces his lightning on the floor to hit Ren, flies Rey's saber without moving a finger while she is trying to grab it with the Force (and she's quite strong), moves Hux like a puppet from across the galaxy. Kylo could never beat him in a fair fight.
    I also prefer the EU over Canon but still loved TLJ.
    I'd love to see Rose added in the Roster, just to have fun reading the Rage comments of guys like you... :-)
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