The Holy Grail! Casual & HAAT farming guild

*This is the guild your looking for!* Casual but committed & General Kenobi shards
EmoKyloRen in it’s current form came about from a UK/USA guild mergerin March 2017 . We run on EST but rotate raids over 3 set times to give members in different zones/shift-work equal opportunities. Now that we’re smashing HAAT we’d like a few like-minded types to fill our empty slots, dormant accts and alts (about 5 or 6 atm). Please read on and apply if you think this is you!
Looking for players that are active daily and around a minimum of level 80 , communicate on in game chat and/or Discord and are happy to take part in all aspects of the game and look to improve their roster. We are mainly ftp/casual , but are strongly committed to self & guild improvement, we’re supportive and share best practice ,have 24hr zero hit/registration on Hpit but not on HAAT at present. 600 tickets would be lovely but is not mandatory, we put real life 1st here, any absence that is communicated beforehand is usually fine.
We currently sit at 56mill GP , generally hit about 24*s on light-side TB’s and have won all 6 of our TW’s to date.
Any further questions not covered just ask
I’m Grrrr Zap in game, ally code 943-968-294
Discord Grrrr Zap #1802
Or search EmoKyloRen in guild search option in game, or reply here
Many thank for your consideration


  • Great sounding guild
  • Additional information regarding our Haat rules ;
    Having only recently completed our 2nd Heroic Tank , thanks mainly to and member having the Ventress Death Squad , we had a few members miss out on rewards so we’ve been formulating a simple rule that will be in place for our next Haat raid.
    Free for all for first 24hrs except for Death Squad , this will allow members to develope their own Haat viable squads and/or experiment. Best Death Squad has done was finish from 70% of P3 left but this was too close for comfort! 40% would allow for bad rng , after first 24hrs is over Death Squad will be deployed to clean up. This will be our Haat policy going forward for the time being.
    Thanks for reading ;-)
    Grrrr Zap , recruitment officer @EmoKyloRen
  • I'm certainly interested. Sent an ally request and a join request.
  • Welcome Spencer , in other news currently about 5 spots remaining
  • Great guild with very helpful people who are generous donating gear, very relaxed yet committed. Need 5 more spots filled
  • Update ,our next Haat raid is due to start in about 30 minutes, hop onboard you wont regret it! , also currently well on our way to winning TW #7
  • Territory war won , 7 on the trot!
    Raid frequency Hpit about 3 x per week , Haat about 2 x per week
    Get onboard now before next TB starts
  • Busted last Haat in under 24hrs without deploying Ventress Death! This guild is moving forward very quickly now , hop on and join the ride before we’re out of sight! ;-)
  • We are starting our heroic Rancor raid 24 hour 0 damage period tomorrow at 2PM EST, join now and get in on those raid Han Solo shards!
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    Nice work GrrrZap :smile:
    FORKING DECAs Leader
  • We are starting another heroic Rancor raid at 7 PM EST 12 AM BST tomorrow night, join now and get in on the fun!
  • Another HAAT in the books. Join in!
  • We are starting another Rancor raid 24 HR 0 damage period tomorrow morning at 7AM EST 12PM BST, join now and get in on the action!
  • We are starting another heroic AAT tomorrow at 2 PM EST, join now and get in on getting General Kenobi shards!
  • Have 2 of us that would like to join both level 85 and active daily looking to improve our teams with a helpful guild
    Are player codes are
  • I can send you ally invitations and then invite you to join the guild. Be happy to have two more active daily players
  • I have sent you guild invitations, our raid rules are at the beginning of this thread. I encourage you to use the game chat since we use it for raid/territory war and battle instructions. Welcome aboard!
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  • I'll accept your invitation. Welcome aboard!
  • We're starting another heroic Rancor raid 24 HR 0 damage period tomorrow at 2 PM EST tomorrow, join now and get in on the fun!
  • We're starting another heroic AAT tomorrow at 2PM EST, join now and get in on those General Kenobi shards!
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    I’m interested, sent a couple of requests to Grrrr Zap to get some more info
    Discord: Falcorax#2992
    Ally Code: 934-119-839
  • Cheers Falcorax , have accepted you on Discord, ask away ;-)
  • Raid times 1100/1800/2300 gmt. 0700/1400/1900 est
  • T6 Sith Raid on loop
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