Fix the Nightsister zombie gear exploit!

In arena a Nightsister team power or 70k shouldn't be able to beat a fully G12/zeta/Modded team of 105k.

Zombie is purposely not being gear past the G8 level because he dies easily and constantly revives with taunt over and over and over again. I have no issues or problems or hate the Nightsister teams just to hate on them...but when players are purposefully NOT gearing up a toon because they want the toon to die easily to give their opponents a harder time beating them has nothing to do with stratagy....simply put...this is an exploit and it is being used to take advantage in climbing the arena ranks and to beat other players who have spent time and money farming and gearing up their roster.

There was a time when you aimed for the top ranks of arena you needed to gear up your toons I order to all someone has to do is make a Nightsister team and leave zombie at G8 and that team can't climb all the way to the top with minimum effort.

A G8 zombie reviving over and over again doesn't seem like something you developers intended and people are abusing this and using this exploit to beat other max geared teams.

I'm not asking for a nerf...I'm asking that the devs please ok into this and make adjustments that inorder for a team to succeed in should at least have to be appropriately geared up.

I face Nightsister teams everyday now...The G11 zombie teams are easier to beat than the G8 teams.

Honestly when this was developed I can't see this as being something the devs intended and it should be fixed!
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  • Pay to win, this was exactly their plan.
  • She isn't revived with taunt.
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    Capgasp's position is that gearing Zombie is actually better and that while people are going the cheesy route now they will eventually realize that. He's posted on the subject on Reddit a few times. Of course he also says that the optimal team includes Spirit. ::shrug::
  • 5 Nightsisters teams in the top 10....4 of them run a G8 Zombie. Reading the comments of Nightsister videos such as Mobile gamer also says not to gear them up. It's obvious a nontanky zombie that can't be fractured is more of an advantage for a easy cheesy way to the top of the arena ranks than to actually take pride in your team and maximize their gear

    Endless horde is the only ability they are putting the omega on....a quick fix would make endless horde require G11 or better @CG_Kozispoon @EA_Jesse

    The world is watching as I take my last breathe.
  • Not an they were designed this way so now people will actually think before just charging in with your meta team. Baze and imperial troopers easily auto through the NS
  • OP needs to stop and use some critical thinking and realize how easy squishy zombie teams are to kill but also realize why the highly invested of us NS fans desire a G12 zombie. Maybe we realize something you don’t and you should maybe just ask.
  • I hate the nightsisters. Don’t mind strong teams and I welcome changes to the meta. But just having all of them constantly come back to life is the most frustrating thing in the world. I just killed talzin 5 times in the same arena battle, but she came back every time.
  • The problem isn't with the zombie, it's with the mentality of players. They have all the tools to beat this squad (Imperial Troopers, AoE, even Plo Koon), but don't want to use them because those tools will get beaten by some other squad.

    Understand that you can swap teams any time you attack and you'll be fine. These low-gear zombie teams are only sustainable because people are afraid of losing on defense.
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  • Hello people,
    I am playing a G8 Zombie team myself. And I try to level the zombie gear up as high as possible. Why? because what makes him so damgerous is not his revive alone. Its because he taunts after all of his turns! The combination of those two abilities makes him dangerous. And now another word to the "bug": Do you know how upset I am when I see all those teams with Commander Luke Skywalker, Raid Han, R2D2, Thrawn and so on? Or Baze & Chirrut Teams? No more ideas, guys? Thats lame. And now there is a team that breaks through your perfect meta team and you start weeping instead of thinking about ways to defeat those nightsisters? I know. You would prefer winning against other teams building up a similar team like yours because they have to level up their chars and get the right mods first, which you already have. I think that Nightsisters are a fresh-up in the gameplay of rusty arena battles. Thank god that there are alternatives to Commander Luke, Vader, Nihilus, Thrawn and all the other chars that overflood the arena. Because the way to win shouldnt be to have the best similar meta team but to have the right strategy to defeat your enemies. If you claim yourself to be a high level player then find a way to defeat them!
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    The best part is that (old) meta team beats NS easy. Han stuns Acolyte, CLS immunity buffs zombie, go to town.
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    Closing this necro thread, which has already been addressed. profile: Pyrefly -- Check out my Galactic Power Tables and my TB Phase Info Tables !!
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