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  • maybe she'll be the first rebel and resistance character since TLJ treats them the same
  • Monel
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    I think the porgs were probably more annoying. They nested in the falcon like rats

    Jar Jar and rose are the two most annoying characters in Star Wars history.
  • “I wanna put my fist through this big beautiful game”
  • Careful people might call you racist for saying rose was the worst character
  • Anavel_Gato
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    @luuke made me lol.

    @Darth_Amarth yeah where is the to KRUM/SFTP farm spots? It's been long enough.
  • Isn't that what she said or am I confused lol. All in jest not my fav character. So my focus will be else where for now. I’m sure she will make the resistance even better.
  • Monel
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    The good thing about Rose being added is I know that is a pack I will finally not be spending money on.

    Special One: Sappy Close
    Talks about love so much that the game shuts itself down and your phone breaks in half .
  • "Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation-Fixed incorrect inbox message for Imperial Probe Droid rewards from Hoth - Imperial Retaliation event."

    Does it mean Imperial Probe Droid shard is not reward in Imperial Retaliation event?
  • zhtd17
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    Guess who's gonna be in every platoon soon!
    And I hope that you're kidding and you're not bringing the most annoying character in all movies to the game
    Floating leia would be less lame
  • No Snoke raid?
    No Hux..or Rose...or new plasma...or PGs?

    Interesting....there must be a bigger update forthcoming
  • Yeah where's KRU and the pilot!?
  • Nobody wants Rose. She is even worse than Jar-Jar. Please don’t. If she is released might just underwear her completely to see her get wiped out over and over
  • What if the new character ‘hold on to what you love’ is actually 2 characters? Bespin Leia and Bespin Han?
  • Yawn. Another 3* G6 character for the bench
  • I’m holding out hope their being coy and more marquees appear when the time comes surprise legendary perhaps
  • weldon08
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    I think the porgs were probably more annoying. They nested in the falcon like rats

    Their infestation is what kept them from being too cute imo. They weren’t sentimental kitten like the entire subplot associated with rose. Rose and broom boy were cute. And not in a good way.

    Rose will probably be a resistance healer or something. Synergy with finn and bb8. I’m stoked I’ll be able to run two res squads, but the toon is about as interesting as old gum.
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  • Broom boy! Now that would be an epic character release. I want that!
  • Iy4oy4s
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    At least mix up the shops!!! PLEASE! I’m sitting on 50k for GW and arena stores, nothing new to buy there!! Needs a fixing, bigly!
  • How is Rose annoying? I get if you dont like her or her story arc. But more annoying than Jar Jar? Please enlighten me.
  • Nauros
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    If they have to go with Resistance, there is a lot of better options. Stun gun granny Leia. New Finn with the stun baton. Holdo with a Res capital ship. That A-wing chick with her ship.
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