Shard Farming

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First off, the shard shop is a huge disappointment to me as a F2P player. I understand that it was intended for the big spenders.. But if the ridiculous return rate on THEIR investment isn't insulting enough, consider a F2P like me that will NEVER be able to acquire anything substantial here.

Well, I shouldn't say never. I did some rough math... If each character is featured on the shard shop an equal amount of times over ONE YEAR, I could possibly acquire 50(ish) shards in that year.

Rant over. I do have something to say that I don't think has been on the forums yet. I've just gotten my first 7* toon. In place of the 'find' button I once used to conveniently farm her shards, I now have a (shard: Max) bar and a rather redundant/obvious message stating 'you cannot promote this character further'. The full shard meter already implies this, so why not have a nice message.. Ex: 'congratulations on obtaining the highest star level for this character!'

More seriously, and the real reason I wanted to post: bring the 'find' button back! I seriously enjoyed the convenience of farming specific character's shards this way. Now, once a player has several 7* characters, they will have to manually locate each hard mode mission. Not a huge deal, but why take away the convenience.
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