Rex is back? With KRU! Beating JTR with ease (video)

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edited January 2018

Rex(L): 7* G12
Barriss: 7* G11
KRU: 7* G12
Nihilus: 7* G12
Thrawn: 5* G11

Mods are basically as much health and defense as I can give them. And speed of course. KRU is sitting at over 40k health. With Barriss, his unique healing and taking reduced damage from expose makes him a perfect tank vs JTR teams. I’ve found him about equal if not better as a GK lead is in terms of how much beating he can take. I’ve found this team super effective against all top meta teams besides NS with the Acolyte/Zombie combo. More vids to come fighting CLS, GKB teams and more. Any questions feel free to ask.


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