Battle history and stats - ability to see who's fought you and outcome

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We live in the age of data and transparency. I find it quite frustrating not to be able to review the performance of my squad(s). Clearly there are many shades of gray as to how this could be done. A minimum viable product should include:

- The ability to review your high-level overall stats; at the very least #of battles, win/loss ratio etc.
- The ability to see how the AI has performed on your squad's behalf. This is currently a massive pain point for me in terms of reviewing and improving my performance. It would be very interesting to be able to review these battles as well. It doesn't have to be comprehensive. For instance, as you log-in you are able to see your last 10 battles: W/L, the heroes of the squad you faced and survivors (What characters were left at what % of health as the battle concluded).

Right now you can only assess how well your squad is doing under your control. With virtually no transparency as to how well it performs when your faith is at the hands of the AI.

Moving forward, more sophisticated stats could be introduced as well, e.g. stats on your most used characters/leaders, your most successful characters/leaders, characters/leaders you're performing well/poor against. E.g. with QGJ as leader your win rate is 95%. You win 87% vs QGJ teams, but only 40% vs Captain Phasma teams etc.

I think the ability to properly review your strategic performance would add an engaging element to the overall experience.

But above all, the ability to see how your team has done "on AI" vs other players challenging you would be a great improvement... The lack of transparency is shameful :)


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