Strength in Allies Achievement

Recently noticed that I didn't get the 10/10 'Strength in Allies Achievement' though, I currently have 15 allies on the account. Am I missing something?



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    Hello Ash_Ketchum,

    I know the issue that you are running into and it's not a bug. The achievement will only count the amount of allies that you are actively linked to, not pending requests.

    When you click on "Allies" you will be presented with a page that says "ALLIES #/35" at the top, followed by your ally code. You will then see 3 buttons at the bottom: Invite, Manage and Request Status.
    • The 'Invite' tab is obviously where you will invite allies.
    • The 'Manage' tab is where you will see a list of allies that you are actively linked to.
    • The 'Request Status' tab is where you will see all players that you have sent an ally request to, but they haven't accepted or denied your invitation yet.

    The number you see that the very top of your ally page includes ALL of your friends in the 'Manage' AND 'Request status' page. However, the achievement will only track those in your 'Manage' tab.

    Let's say you have 9 friends in your 'Manage' tab but you have 6 in your 'Request Status' tab. The achievement will only count 9, even though your page says you have a total of 15/35 allies.

    I hope this helps!

    *Edited my post in hopes of clarifying the issue, as my OP might have confused some!*
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    Under the 'manage' tab I counted 15 allies with several requests pending under the 'request status' tab.

    There appears to be a slight bug in my inbox too. A pending friend request that I can neither accept nor deny as the player is already a confirmed 1/15.
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    Hm, okay. Have you tried restarting the game and/or restarting your device to see if that forces the game to register your allies?

    If you have and it's still not giving you achievement credit and you definitely have 10 or more 'confirmed' friends, please list the device that you're using and I'll get it passed along to the team so they can look at this.
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    I have the same issue. I can't accept any new friends because my list is full, but it only shows, for the achievement, 21/25. I have 35 in my list. I even deleted 3 people and accepted new requests. It went down to 18/21 when I deleted the 3 allies, but only went back to 21 with the new allies.
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    They total your current & requests....
    Delete your sent requests to free up space
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    Okay. I was seeing the same problem and just figured it out. At the bottom of the Allies page you see Invite, Manage, and Request Status. Click Manage. These are your accepted and active Allies. If you count them, it will equal the number you have in the achievement. Do not delete these guys. Now click Request Status. These are all the allies pending acceptance. Any ally that has expired in red next to their name is just wasting space. Delete them and you will free up space to accept and request more invites.
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    I have 29 allies, but the achievement says I have 14. So what is the deal?
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