5-Minute Speed tips for New Players

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New to the game? Lazy to read up detailed guides? (Though I do recommend taking the time to read them if given the time, since most of them are well-thought out and written by old players) Here's my own personal 5-minute tip for all you lazy hutt-spawn scoundrels around the galaxy!

1. FARM Phoenix. They allow you to access Emperor Palpatine, Thrawn, Headstart on Grand master yoda, Territory Battle, Territory War and many more.

2. FOCUS. Do not spread and spend your gear and credits like you have bazillions of them. If you want to stay competitive, FOCUS on toons that you really use and are top tier.

3. SYNERGY. Having a wookie, an ewok and a stormtrooper screaming when they die on your team might be your jam, but that ain't gonna be useful. CHOOSE a faction to start with on both LIGHT and DARK side to work on, as toons of the same faction generally have a good synergy. (Recommended: Lightside: Phoenix Darkside: Nightsisters, Empire.)

4. ARENA. Now that you have a good team set-up, having set goals to work towards, and got your light/dark side battles going, you find yourself short on... EVERYTHING. Gear, Credits, Shards. And most importantly, CRYSTALS. These purple gems are only awarded in abundance to the top players in arenas, so START BATTLING. Choose squads with low power ratings. Fighting BEFORE payout time will increase your chances to stay on top. Choose enemies that you are CONFIDENT your squad have obvious advantage over and can win.

5. PACKS. "Oh wow. a $49.99 Pack seems to tempting! Lemme just unlock... but wait!!! This doesn't even give me a 7* full character!" That's right, Packs are a great way to get a headstart. ALWAYS do your research before you buy, the odds may not be in your favor. ALWAYS check whether the characters are available through easy means. Look up the characters in the pack. Press "FIND" under the character TAB before buying to make sure you aren't buying characters you could've bought with in-game currency easily (Recommended: Buy the dark-side/ light-side beginner's pack, as well as packs that give you a wide selection of characters)

6. DO GALACTIC WAR/ CHORE: To your upper rightmost you see a trandoshan staring his soul into a holotable. That's the galactic War! Do it everyday for bonus shards, credits, and crystals. Dont worry if you can't finish or hit a wall in the nodes. REMEMBER to refresh daily!

7. DO your daily ACTIVITIES. Collect energy, focus on finishing those objectives!

8. GUILD: Join a GUILD to speed up EVERYTHING. Start earning guild tokens, seek advice from older players, earn unique shards from raids! Doesn't matter if the guild start out small, you can always find players near your level.

Well, 5 minutes is up! (For me to write at least) That's all I have for now. Now grab a drink from the bar and start BATTLING in the holotable!
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    This is a great 5 min intro.

    I would also add
    3. Multi purpose toons, get the most bang for your buck.
    Lando, STH good LS toons and useful for credit heist
    IG88 and Bob's DS toons with the same usefulness in credit heist.

    In the effort of focus, always pick a toon with a long game, even if they may fall out of favor as an arena choice, keep in mind ships, TB, raids, and eventually TW.
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    getting a team as fast as possible that can finish the last tier of credit heist is also a good recommendation
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