Top Detractors in the Game Right Now

Here's the top things that CG needs to fix with the game right now. These are huge retention risks and make playing the game with any thought a pain:

1) Arena

Much is wrong with arena, but the biggest issues are:

* Payout time - A mobile game that begs your attention for at least 15 minutes during family dinner is bad.
* Ranking system - Falling not because of how skilled you are or how powerful your team is, but simply because you are on other people's path to the top is bad. I shouldn't be at 2 one moment and 25 a couple hours later because a few people climbing went 25 - 19 - 14 - 10 -6 - 2 when the guy at #3 doesn't get touched all day because there doesn't happen to be active people at 11 - 7 - 3 line today. This makes no sense and is just bad.
* And the much requested "Let me see all attack possibilities without refreshing" issue, though that is made mute if my point above is fixed.
* Losing (or winning) an attack and I have to wait 10 minutes before I play the game again? I get this is necessary the way the payout timing is currently set up and all, but really? This game actively tries to get me to not play it? It doesn't make sense and is encouraging me to play a game like Final Fantasy: Mobius where I can play whenever I want and I don't have to be tied to my phone at any specific time of day. Why is swgoh actively trying to get me to play other games?
* See other games like DC Legends for a better PvP system

2) Mod Management

The game encourages you to move mods. Try out a different arrangement for your characters. See if changing your mods can beat this event. And yet, the mod management system in the game is so poor I have to be at my computer on to do anything useful. A mobile game is encouraging me to either play it like a PC game or not to play it at all. This doesn't make any sense.

It gets worse. If I do decide to move any mods around in game, I risk not being able to put them back the way I had it. This happens if you do anything more complicated than completely switching all mods from one character to another (and remembering which character you took them from).

This could be fixed with:

* Mod sets - Allow me to classify 6 mods as a set. I can remove all of them together. I can place all of them together. I can remove all of them with one action even if they are currently on separate characters. It will show me which characters they are on.
* Mod search/filtering - Allow me to look up where mods are based on mod set, primaries, secondaries. Even better if I can filter based on how much the secondary is (only view mods with speed > 10).
* Mod locking - Allow me to lock mods that I do not want to sell. I'm not saying lock mods to a particular character, but just don't allow me to sell or destroy these mods but I can still move them around freely.

3) The Game Doesn't Want Me to Play

This is one of the most laughable. The game doesn't want me to play it. I can do my daily farming, auto through GW, sim my hard nodes, and then what? There are raids I can play at specific times, which must be determined by the guild to give everyone a fair chance of being able to play. Territory Wars and Territory Battles give us something we can do for 10 minutes or so at least.

But if I have a half hour while my favorite TV drama is playing, I can't play the game. The only option I have is to spend crystals in the arena to play another 5 battles, but not 5 battles all in a row, even. I have to wait 7 - 8 minutes after each battle before I can play again. Why is this game actively trying to get me to not play it?

* Provide an inner-guild training area where our guildmates can set up defenses and we can play against them. We can experiment, try different teams. A place where we can just plain have fun with the game. No rewards needed. Just let us play the game. This would ENCOURAGE us to want to gear and star more characters so we could keep playing with them.
* This idea is made more fun with the mod fixes from #2 above.


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