Kit Reveals: Amilyn Holdo & Rose Tico

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***All ability descriptions represent the fully-upgraded version of the ability***

UNIT NAME: Amilyn Holdo
CATEGORIES: Resistance, Tank
Seasoned Resistance Tank with powerful ally support and enemy debuffs




Deal Physical damage to target enemy and the least healthy other Resistance ally gains Foresight for 2 turns. When this Foresight expires, that ally Recovers 10% Health.


Deal Special damage to all enemies and inflict Daze for 2 turns. Inflict Defense Down and Evasion Down on the primary target for 2 turns.

Special 2: REPRIEVE

Dispel all debuffs on target other ally. They Recover 40% Health and 20% Protection.

  • (Includes ZETA Upgrades): When another Resistance ally loses Foresight, Amilyn Holdo gains Taunt for 1 turn and Recovers 10% Health. While Amilyn Holdo doesn't have Taunt, she has +50 speed and all other Resistance allies have +20% Critical Avoidance.
  • [ZETA]: When another Resistance ally loses Foresight, Amilyn Holdo gains Taunt for 1 turn and Recovers 10% Health. While Amilyn Holdo doesn't have Taunt, all other Resistance allies have +20% Critical Avoidance.

General Strategy, Synergy and Utilization

“Come on, girl! Yeah, you got to get back up! You got to Holdo...Yeah, you got to Holdo.”

In PvE...

When it comes to PvE, Holdo shines in Territory Battles and Territory Wars. Her basic “Measured Shot” helps protect the team by providing allies Foresight and health recovery. It also interacts well with her unique “Quiet Confidence” ability to sustain her Taunt. Under Rey (Jedi Training), “Bunker Buster” inflicts AOE Exposes and Daze, which helps you lock down the enemy team. “Reprieve” serves as a great Dispel and heal on a relatively low cooldown, which is clutch as Resistance lack healers. “Quiet Confidence” allows Holdo to stay healthy and allows her to stay relevant when not taunting.

In PvP...

Holdo is a premiere tank for the Resistance. In a full Resistance squad, Amilyn Holdo taunts frequently, disrupting any attempts to target someone other than herself. A particularly effective strategy is to pair Holdo with allies who can grant Stealth, making it difficult to focus fire on her when she is not Taunting. The result makes Holdo a long-lasting, disruptive tank. Holdo and other Resistance units also make good use of Foresight to extend their survivability. On the offensive side, Holdo’s “Bunker Buster” special dazes all enemies, drastically slowing them down if they rely on turn meter gain mechanics.

UNIT NAME: Rose Tico
CATEGORIES: Resistance, Attacker
A brave Resistance Attacker who can Stun and grant allies buffs.




Deal Physical damage to target enemy and grant Tenacity Up for 2 turns to a random Resistance ally who doesn't have it. 50% chance to attack again (once per turn).

Special 1: DAUNTLESS BRAVERY (Cooldown 5)

Resistance allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns. For each Resistance ally remove 8% Turn Meter from target enemy. Rose Tico gains 10% Turn Meter for each Resistance ally and each First Order enemy. This attack cannot be evaded.

Special 2: SHOCK PROD STRIKE (Cooldown 5)

Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Stun for 1 turn. When this Stun expires, the target is Dazed for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted.

  • Rose Tico has +10% Offense for each Exposed enemy. When another Resistance ally scores a Critical Hit, Rose Tico gains 10% Turn Meter.

General Strategy, Synergy and Utilization

Seeing the world through Rose-colored blasters.

In PvE...

Rose Tico’s contributions to a Resistance squad in PvE events are impressive. Working under a Rey (Jedi Training) lead, Rose Tico rises to the challenge in nearly all raid phases. Her basic attack, “Courageous Shot,” not only hits hard, but works effectively to increase the Turn Meter of other Resistance units. Rose’s “Dauntless Bravery” pairs exceptionally well with Rey (Jedi Training)’s leadership, especially where Turn Meter manipulation mechanics are valued. Her “Shock Prod Strike” ability is very useful for establishing control of the battle and locking down enemy units. “Valiant Spirit” pairs well with the Turn Meter generation that “Courageous Shot” produces, allowing Rose to act much more often, and its increased Offense causes Rose Tico’s damage profile to increase quite heftily, especially in events where multiple enemies are present.

In PvP...

Rose Tico answers the Resistance’s call and slots in nicely with Rey (Jedi Training), BB-8 and Amilyn Holdo. In addition to hitting hard, her synergy with the Resistance faction makes the team speedier, allowing them to gain more turns. Rose Tico’s “Shock Prod Strike” is a unique, first-ever ability that inflicts Stun for one turn, which then passively and automatically converts to Daze for two turns. The result is an effective mechanic that helps establish control of the battle.
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