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What's the difference between Casual, Active and Elite guilds?
  • A Casual guild has no minimum player activity/participation requirements. You won't need to get 600 daily raid tickets or participate in guild activities if you don't want to. The level and frequency of content they complete will vary from guild to guild.
  • An Active guild requires players to earn some minimum number of daily raid tickets and/or participate in certain guild activities. These guilds aim to complete content as often as possible but the level of that content will vary from guild to guild.
  • An Elite guild is one that is in the Top 200 for at least one leaderboard category.

Our Guild leader was banned!
  • When leaders are banned, generally, @CG_LucifersDaddy removes them from the leader position and the next first officer in the guild is promoted to leader.

How do Guild members become officers?
  • A guild leader will promote whomever they like to officer.

How do we change our Guild name?
  • Please have your guild leader send in a support ticket to EA Help detailing the request for a Guild name change and a support agent should be able to help them.

I am a Guild leader. How do I transfer leadership to another Guild member?
  • Select your name and leave your Guild. A pop up should appear providing options to select a new Guild Leader.

What is the "Rank" tab?
  • The Rank tab displays the Guild leader, Officers and members of that Guild.

I participated in a Raid but didn't get rewards
  • If you leave your Guild for any reason before Guild payout, you will not be eligible for rewards. This also includes leaving the Guild and returning. This also includes being purposely/ accidentally booted from a Guild then re-invited.

I am a minor. Will I be able to use Guild Chat?
  • Upon joining a Guild, underage accounts cannot view or participate in Guild chat. Alternatively, the chat can be used to jot down personal notes only that members will be able to view.

What if my Guild leader is inactive/goes missing?
  • If your Guild leader is inactive for 12 days or more, please have a Guild officer ONLY file a ticket with EA Help. Please include your ally code and Guild information.

One of my Guild members or the Guild itself has an inappropriate name
  • Please send a PM to @CG_LucifersDaddy detailing the name of your guild, and your ally code.

How do I make my Guild invite-only?
  • Have the guild leader go to the "Manage" section and select "Invite Only". That way no one can join unless the guild leadership accepts him/her.

Where do I report cheating?
  • If you want to report a potential cheater, please send a forum PM to @CG_Leviathan with details on why you think someone is cheating, your ally code and the name of the suspected cheater.

There's something wrong with my Guild/Gameplay
  • If you are experiencing something you believe may be a bug or technical issue, please visit Answers HQ.
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    Are "bumps" allowed?
    Short answer: No.


    A "bump" (in the Guilds section of the forum) is a response to a thread for the sole purpose of raising its profile.

    So, no: "bump", "up", ".", or anything else that adds no new meaning.

    Are duplicate threads allowed?


    What can guilds do to raise their profile?
    The Guild section of the forum is a unique part of the forum where you are allowed to post in a thread to raise the threads profile, as long as at the same time you say something meaningful.

    For example: guild news, updates on how many players you are looking for, or updated recruitment posts, and things such as these. But no repeat postings. Do not repeat the same message over and over again.

    Also, some guilds have a few different members come and post in the recruitment thread.


    Another option is to post an ad in the appropriate monthly Guilds Looking For Players thread. This is an experimental replacement for the popular Guild Job Fair thread we used to have. The idea is to make it easier for potential recruits to see all of the guild ads without needing to go into individual threads for each one while also preventing any one guild's ads from being buried by everyone else's.

    Are guilds allowed to post ads in the monthly Guilds Looking For Players threads in addition to creating their own recruitment thread?
    Yes. The monthly Guilds Looking For Player threads are intended to consolidate guild recruitment ads but they also don't allow discussion between recruiters and potential recruits. For that reason, we will continue to allow guilds to have their own dedicated recruitment thread where they can freely and publicly talk with candidates. These threads will, of course, still be subject to rules outlined here.

    Can guilds post an ad in more than one Guilds Looking For Players thread in the same month?
    No. Guilds can post in one of them per month and they don't have to post in the same type of thread every time but they cannot post in more than one of them in the same month. For example, you can post in the Casual Guilds thread in January and then the Active Guilds thread in February but you can't post in both Casual Guilds and Active Guilds in March.

    If your guild changes its activity requirements mid-month and wants to to advertise in the appropriate thread, PM @phroxenphyre to have your existing ad moved. If you would like to edit your advertisement, please do so either before sending the PM or wait until after it has been moved. That way, we avoid the risk of you losing your changes by having your ad moved while trying to edit it.

    How can I send a private message?
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