Theories on the next QoL

I read on the update server post for 1/11 that there is a QoL update "On the horizon" . What do you think the changes implemented will be? And which ones do you hope for?


  • DatBoi
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    For node battles, I dont want certain ally characters to be hidden just because I used my version of that character in a previous battle
  • Kyno
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  • snarzenal
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    edited January 2018
    I would like a button to swap thru tags when assembling my squads. Scrolling endlessly down to find the lower level characters is a pain. Replace the leadership description box with a tag filter button.

    Better mod management tools. A “set lock” for moving all six mods at once would be nice, as would having the ability to name mods so we can always return them to where they belong if we need to swap things around for some reason.
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