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Anyone else getting fatigued staying relevant in your shards? Finding TB to be really monotonous? Not criticizing cg. They work hard trying to balance revenue with new game content.

One of my big frustrations comes from spending all my crystals in both arenas farming the vets for months. Dropping 5 zetas on Rey, bb8, old Ben.... Only to find they're irrelevant against a good NS team with GK, weaker mods... Less zetas, no p2p extra stars. In fact every team is pretty Irrelevant against them.

Can you put in a line up that can win on offense? Generally you can find something but Rtj is particularly bad against a decent NS team,which can auto any team on offense. Even troopers now because of gk. So much work. Rtj teams, CLS teams....... Always collecting, collecting, collecting.

I might at the saturation point. Sigh. If you're just going to be negative and post something mean, don't bother.

I'm not being negative. I respect the game, have enjoyed it. Just burning out hard.


  • To be honest, I feel the same way. Arena is a big time chore now that just about everyone has CLS and half of everyone bought JTRey. It's just a big mess where everyone is beating everyone (and yeah, Nightsisters are tough, but few and far between and singled out by by a lot of players so even they can't really climb and hold).

    TB was okay in the beginning, and farming old mostly useless characters like Lobot, Eeth Koth, and Fisto put an interesting spin on the game in so much as those characters finally had some value... Of course now, you see platoons past Phase 3 requiring the latest flavor of the week that no one is going to even have the option to farm for months.....TB has gone from an uphill march to a "Why even bother at this point?".

    TW was fun the first couple times, now it's honestly pretty dull too. It just takes too long. A full day to register, another day to set defenses, and a day to attack? Three days for an event that you can pretty much tell if you've lost or won in 5 minutes? Or an event that you have to grind through just for the benefit of a tie? Meh...

    GW is either way too easy or way too hard, personally I'll take the easy because I barely have the patience for that so spending 30 minutes on Node 12 is out of the question.

    Dark Side TB is still very difficult and all the decent DS characters (of which there aren't that many) are typically required in Platoons, if you even have them to begin with. Which is another point, why are DS characters so ridiculous to farm?

    Farming... Farm, farm, farm, collect, collect, collect. This game is more about chasing shreds of info and hopping on "The Next Big Thing" and preparing for events than it is about actually playing the game. It's incredibly meta, to be honest, and I'm beginning to question what the point of it all is. Raids were the only real "game play" area of the game for me, and now they're effectively broken courtesy of JTRey and CLS. TB could be considered an actual Game Play mode, except it takes your best and most interesting characters and forces you to stuff them into a Platoon, meaning you don't even get to play with them... Arena is the same matchups every day until the next big powerhouse releases and if you try anything Non-Meta, you can say good-bye to whatever ranking you're clinging to because you'll have a huge target on your back. TW is either a sad bout of GW or just more Arena, only on a larger scale.

    These are my complaints. Granted, they aren't really major, but it's the kinda stuff that just wears you down after awhile. I've learned to live with it, but this has become a product that I'd be pretty reluctant to pay for at this point.
  • JTR should be able to win against a top NS team on offense, and NS against a JTR team on offense. Both should win on offense and lose on defense.

    From my perspective the balance in arena has been coming back: multiple teams can win on offense, some are particularly weaker against others and stronger against others. So when you choose a team you're choosing the tradeoffs.

    That was a really necessary change to arena, when after CLS you had essentially one team with minor variations in developed shared.

    IMHO CLS broke the game in a way that isn't widely enough acknowledged: it changed player expectations. I don't know if this is where you are coming from, but after the raging about CLS being "OP" subsided it was replaced with a thirst for a "new" composition that would break the game again. Now people are disappointed there isn't a new magic bullet team... As if there was, the top 50 people in any developed shard wouldn't be running it, nullifying it's value, and leading to more griping about the "broken" game and more pining for it to be re-broken for a third time.

    It's better now. Lots of teams work. You can choose what you find fun. You fight different compositions more regularly. And it looks like the diversity of arena is only going to get better.
  • Agree with this guy except one thing. I'd rather see closer to a true rock paper scissors rather than just everybody wins on offense and loses on defense.
  • Wonder if they'll ever make a real time PVP without the lame AI
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  • Am I missing something where 60% of top 50 teams are nightsisters? I keep hearing people complaining about them yet we've got like 2 teams in our shard.
  • Am I missing something where 60% of top 50 teams are nightsisters? I keep hearing people complaining about them yet we've got like 2 teams in our shard.

    Can confirm. My leaderboards has 20 or so nightsisters teams that climb from sub 50 ranking to top ranking during their respective payouts. Only one is a gear 12 zombie, rest are low gear zombies. One player even has a total galactic power of 400,000 and make #1 at their payout. (player with most on our leaderboard has 3.1 mil GP)
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  • Am I missing something where 60% of top 50 teams are nightsisters? I keep hearing people complaining about them yet we've got like 2 teams in our shard.

    Can also confirm this.....my top 50 are either JTRey or NS team. There is an odd Rex or AA lead team though.
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