Looking For A Merge For One of Our Guilds!

Hey everyone, just a quick post here. Im looking for a guild merge for our middle guild to come and join us. We currently are 55m GP Easily clearing heroic rancor and heroic tank. We have 50/50 members but are looking to move 10-15 down to our casual guild due to low performance in guild events. The leader of the guild that merges into us will be offered an officer rank and have a say in guild rules and anything else related to the guilds management. Please no posts offering for us to join another guild. We have three guilds our best being 102m GP and are not interested at all in joining another guild.

What we require:

400 Tickets a day minimum, this may increase to 500-600/600 in the near future.

SWGOH.GG Registration and Discord

Register and participate in all Guild events.

To be friendly and helpful players for our community.

All members must be 85 (if you have any under 80s we can take them into our training guild)

We look forward to hearing from any groups of players that are struggling in their current guilds and would like to give our team a try, while we have three guilds they are all managed by myself so its like one big team. No drama, never any issues, just a team of dedicated, helpful and friendly players. We all share one discord server too so everyone keeps in touch with everyone.

Thanks for your time, i look forward to hearing from you all!


  • Still looking for some quality members to join our community. Zaraos has been an amazing leader in the almost year I have played with him. Thanks all.
  • This family of guilds is one of the best groups of people I've ever had the pleasure of playing an online game with. If you're interested in accelerating your progression, please join us!
  • A chunk of my guild just joined in with Zaraos and his training guild. It's been a good fit so far and all my guys have been learning & growing in a short period of time! If you've got a small guild and want to grow / do more. Take up his offer!
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