How to find shards

Hey all,

Sorry if this is a noob question, but I did try to google it with no answer.

When a character has enough shards to be upgraded but for whatever reason you don’t want to, or cannot upgrade the character but you want to use the search function for the shard, there is no way to press it. Without upgrading the character. In my case kylo REN unmasked and I don’t want to upgrade him yet because I am saving credits. How can I search for his shards, or any other characters as I have a few the same. I know kylo is in the stores for crystals only atm..

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced !


  • [Promote] opens i dialog where you can choose if you really want to promote or search shards.
    Left by design.
    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
  • Kyno
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    So this is a little convoluted but there is a work around.

    Go to a raid and navigate to the units tab, from there any toon you click on will have a find button not an upgrade.
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