88 Mill+ gp Guild Looking for 4 around 1.2 mill gp!

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Hey all- we have a great guild, but we have a few players who are contributing less and less and it's time to replace them. We're looking for players with around 1.2 mill gp who participate every day in all activities and get close to 600 raid tickets each day. CLS, JTR, Hoth brothers, Starck, Cholo are all big plusses! If you have friends you would like to bring along, I could make some room as long as everyone is close to the requirements. Send me a private message here if interested- and send me the swgoh.gg codes for those interested.
Here's some more info on our guild:
We're made up mostly of Americans and Australians, although we have one or two in Europe. We have both heroic raids on farm (24H 0 damage on both raids), and get 33* on LS TB, 32* on the last DS. We run raids at 7pm mountain time (9pm EST). We want players who will contribute to ALL PHASES of TB and TW, get close to 600/day (although we understand life sometimes makes these things hard to do). We have several people working on Starck and imperial troopers now, as well as CHS. We require Discord for chatting and coordinating attacks, and typically reserve in game chat for giving directions.
We are a very social group who love to discuss strategy and give/seek squad advice. We also have off topic chats on Discord where we chat about movies, general life, how much our significant others hate that we play this game, Star Wars Lego models, disc golf, share star wars memes.......... You name it. Oh and of course Monty Python (Our guild name is KnightsWho SayNihilus). We'd love to find more active chatters, but quieter players are welcome too!
Private message me on here if this sounds like your kind of guild or if you have questions! Here's our SWGOH account if you're interested:

-Mol Boda
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