R2D2 Strategy plan

Hi everybody

I've been playing SWGoH for a little over a month and a half. Fortunately, I have a friend who is very experienced at the game and he helped me go through the game without making the same mistakes that he made(gearing up Jedi consular lol). As I am aware, the R2D2 event will occur sometime in march. I really want R2D2, so I've been following this plan that I made to get him when he comes out:

Step 1: obtain Tie fighter pilot(empire), Vader, and Moff Tarkin
Step 2: Gear and promote Phoenix team(no Sabine) to G7 and 5*
Step 3: Obtain Grand Admiral Thrawn and Gear him up
Step 4: Continue to gear and promote Phoenix team
Step 5: Obtain Palpatine using Phoenix team(This strategy for Emperors demise works, I have already asked)
Step 6: Gear up Palpatine
Step 7: Promote vader and Tarkin both to 5*
Step 8: Promote and gear Tie Fighter Pilot to G7 and 5*
Step 9: Obtain R2D2 using Thrawn, Palpatine, Vader, Moff Tarkin and Tie fighter pilot(I'm not using Royal guard because he's kind of hard to farm for me. Using Tie Fighter Pilot because he has an Cantina battle early on)

I obtained Thrawn yesterday, and have him at G6 4990 Power

Please tell me his this is a viable strategy to obtain R2D2 or if I should change anything.



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