January was good because?

Alot of us asked for a break in "force farming toons", we got it with a slow January. I for one, welcome this break.


  • therealsithvader
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    edited January 2018
    No was worst besides i almost unlocked gk 18 shards away and friday is next haat
  • Kyno
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    yeah, there are both sides of that, some people appreciated the break others wanted more.
  • There is always a light and dark side. It's what brings us all together in playing a game based on movies/books/cartoons.
  • I found it underwhelming, sure it's a relief to focus on farming characters and gear, but that would be the ideal time for QOL updates, it would be nice to move some toons off the single hard node farm into the stores, specifically the arena, gw, and cantina shops (also soon for me the ship store)...I just cant imagine having 4 obsolete stores sure I turn them into shard shop currency, but what a waste
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