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I played this game when it came out then stopped around the time mods came out, which was some time in 2016 I was frustrated with not being able to get what I needed to progress without spending more money, and when I spent money I really made no progress.

I’ve been playing daily for the last month and probably spent $50 but I am making no progress and regretting it again. Thinking of quitting for good. My arena rank is still 650-800 range and I’ve only been able to farm with the energy I earn and do daily activities. I barely make it past 3 nodes in galactic war, when on YouTube and these forums everyone says they are easy to fully complete daily. Now I see in the store EA is charging $100 for packs. Look I’m happy for people that can drop hundreds of dollars into this monthly, but for folks that can’t, the fun is pretty much eliminated. Every time an event comes out I either don’t have the characters needed or my characters that can be used in there aren’t high enough level or gear. I feel like EA found the holy grail of making unlimited amounts of money and only the big spender and of course the company itself are seeing the benefits.

It’s rididuculous that to get everything needed to make this game fun you’ve got to spend thousands of dollars. This game has no end to the amount of money people can pay, and for that I think it’s highly unethical. I’d be happier buying the game and eventually getting acces to a set of stuff, then when an update comes out, pay an amount that’s fair to customers. This is pretty much what a lot of console games do. Surprised the loot box controversy on battlefront 2 didn’t hit all theses mobile games.

If anyone wants to check out my team and give me suggestions how to play better my swgoh.gg is: https://swgoh.gg/u/cohutch308/

I hope the developers listen as the average person can’t spend thousands of $
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