Balancing quarterly earnings with player retention /satisfaction

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Devs, first of all thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing us this wonderful, addictive, and at times frustrating game. I'm sure at times it probably feels like people are going to complain no matter what you do, thats human nature I suppose. Now, on to the important stuff.

First, I think most folks, f2p and whales alike, understands that this is a business, and as such, it's primary concern must be to turn a profit. In pursuit of that goal, catering to whales is to be some degree a necessary consequence. However, if you neglect the rest for too long, player numbers will fall accordingly. I see folks who have loved this game for years burn out recently because they just can't chase that carrot anymore, knowing they will never catch it.

In this reference, the carrot is the ability to compete for first place in the arena, raids, TB, tw. Every new character released is behind a pay wall. And yes, is later released in f2p accessible areas. But by the time the character is obtained and geared, the meta has moved on. If you want people to keep chasing that carrot, occasionally you need to give them a taste of it.

Proposed solution: A rework of an existing character in the same way you did for Qui Gon and Maul offered everyone, f2p and whale alike the opportunity to compete on, not equal footing, but equal enough for skill with modding/squad makeup to come into play. I think the player base would welcome this with open arms and you could perhaps postpone the exodus of your player base. Whales need people to beat on after all.

P. S. TB's are too long, time consuming, and boring to properly describe with words. While TW's are ridiculously fun. Please consider allowing guilds to forego one in favor of the other of they prefer. Adjusting rewards to be more rewards for TW victory than TB but less for TW loss than normal TB outcome or some other well thought out plan may be needed.

P. P. S. Please chill with the power creep. I know the community gave you a hard time for Rey, but I thought it was well thought out and executed. Please continue this trend and for God's sake, never repeat the arena diversity killing, multiple game mode breaking, ruined the game for many, cancer that was the CLS release. Even one more of those would be a death blow to this game.

P. P. P. S. A separate, in guild arena for testing TB and arena teams would be a welcome addition. In order to be useful, it would need copies of all your current mods with the ability to move them around without affecting the rest of the game. This would be hugely beneficial for educational purposes. In my opinion, rewards would not be needed. Purely for testing purposes /bragging rights.

Sorry for the length of this. Doubt anyone even reads it seeing as I've yet to get a response from customer support for any of the multiple tickets I've submitted. Either way, needed to be said

Edit: P.P.P.P.S. Probably not the first to say this but please, enough already with the rebel/resistance bias. We don't need the dark side to dominate arena but it would be nice to have some viable options that you don't need your visa card to acquire. It's been a long time coming for the dark side. If Revan, or whoever ds you go with is behind a pay wall, it would likely be the straw that broke the camels back for many of us.
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