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TB was supposed to be similar to Raids. Every raid that has been released my Guild had to work towards being able to complete it on Heroic difficulty. It was a 50 players effort until we finally managed to do it, and man did it give us joy to overcome that obstacle.

Problem with TB is that you (Devs) are constantly adding newly released characters to platoon. Which in turn makes it impossible for every guild that is not top 5 - 10 on GP ranks to complete them. That is not only unfair but dishonest of you. No matter how hard we work as a guild, as a team, we are NEVER going to complete 1 single platoon from Phase 5 to 6.

Fix: From now on dont add new characters to platoons.


I dont think there is one single person that doest HATE having to refresh arena 1000000 times to be able to jump to the optimum position. Complete waste of our time.

Fix: Please, let us jump to whatever position we want as long as it is in our range.

Resistance new characters:

What good is JRey decrease cooldown on resistance skills if every single new character you release has 5 turn cooldown on all their skills? What you are doing is again dishonest.

Every character on this game, with few exceptions, has skills varying from 2-4 turns cooldown (mostly 3 to 4). You giving us the POSSIBILITY of decreasing a skill cooldown from 5 to 4 is worse than letting us have a 4 turn cooldown skill.

Fix: Decrease the NEW Resistance characters skills cooldown to 3/4 (same for next characters)


I used to come to this forum a few times a day to read what people were saying and have conversations and discussions about the game. Unfortunately that is not possible anymore.

You (mods) delete every thread, move every single thread, and consider everything to be not according to the rules. GENERAL is supposed to be a place where we can talk about GENERAL things concerning the game and not only what you want us to talk about.

You think Im going to go into a Mega Thread and read 100000000000 posts? This place is dying and fast (forum, not game). It is boring as hell now.

Fix: Let things be the way they used to be.

In-game stores:

It has been ages since a new character (or ship) has been added to GW/Cantina/Arena shipments. We all (old players) have hundreds of thousands of each of these currencies. Sure we can spend them on shard shop but it is nice being able to buy shards of a character knowing that it will be there every refresh. Guild/Fleet shop are horrible, every time I go there after a refresh (I havent miss a refresh since maybe 1 year ago) and what I want to buy isnt there I feel like Im being punished. Horrible feeling!

Fix: Fix character shards on Guild/Fleet stores and start releasing a few characters on the other stores as well

Credit Heist:

Getting 1.5M credits from an attempt doesnt feel like being punished, it IS a punishment.

Rix: Remove 1.5M credits reward from Credit Heist.


Loved what you did with GW, it is indeed much much faster and I appreciate that. But the time we have to wait from one battle to the next (Win- go back to GW - open chest - See rewards-click next battle -
choose squad -load battle -set auto -rinse and repeat) is INSANE.

Fix: Let us set AUTO to the whole GW.

These are some of the problems I believe could be fixed, I hope you will at least read this.


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  • Kyno
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    Couldn't agree more that, they need a rework. But I am accepting that we will not close them all (or even some RNG dependent) and we will still end up getting all the stars at some point.

    Eventually every guild through development will be able to complete TB without platoons.


    That would be nice.

    new toons

    Not sure how in anyway this is dishonest....

    Stronger kits and skills warrant longer CD. This is actually a good thing or they would make old toons completely irrelevant.


    We don't delete any thing that does not violate the Forum Guidelines. Which are very clear and the oinly thing we judge against.

    General Discussion is being geared towards new content/events/updates, this is the direction we are given by Kozi. Please feel free to message her if you have comments or questions about what we do or why we do it.

    When GD was the way you described people would start multiples of the same convo, because no one went past page 2, now when people want to discuss something they can find that topic and discuss it without starting the conversation over every day. Change is rough, but it does move smoother this way. It also highlights subjects that are trending, as those subs start catching a lot of attention, this is more evident than multiple posts in one place where ist unclear if it's trending or the person just didn't look past page one to talk about something.

    Also please check out the Disscussions tab, this is probably more of what you are used to as far as GD was.

    in game stores

    They are good sources of shard shop gear. But yes, they should see toons added at least 1 or 2 a year.

    credit heist

    Resource management. Sure we all want more, but you also have to manage it correctly. This game would get boring if you had everything you wanted maxed out.


    I liked it when it was hard.

    Either add 2 modes so we can have a challenge again, or yes please sim/auto through all 12 .

    Multiple bronzium would be nice too.

  • @Kyno

    Platoons: I dont mean fixing all platoons, I just meant that new characters dont be added to them.

    Credit Heist: Im a f2p hoarder that have been able to get all legendary characters to 7* and hero journeys since the 1st time they appeared so I do know how to manage resource. I dont have a lack of credit but I feel that getting 1.5m on credit heist is a punishment and I hate that feeling.

    GW: I hated it when it was hard. It was never hard tbh, I was always able to finish it with only 1 squad but sometimes it took ages and I couldnt or wanted to waste that amount of time on GW.

    Forum: I understand why it was done I just dont think it was the best "fix" to that problem. Havent given much thought on what could be better but I do feel like the forum is a deadmans land.

    New toons: Im sorry, but Neither Holdo or Rose are characters with very stron kits, actually Kylo Ren Unmasked is MUCH MUCH stronger than they are with so much better skills and all his skills has only 3 turns of cooldown.

    With JRey as lead, IF the new resistance characters dont have debuffs their skills will get -1 turn of cooldown from 5 to 4 turns. This is a way to micromanage JRey and BB8. Im fine with balance but giving them 4 turns wouldnt kill anyone.

    Look at the last characters Released:

    Holdo: All cooldown to 5 turns
    Rose: All cooldown to 5 turns
    FO Executioner: All cooldown to 3 turns
    JRey: All cooldown to 5 turns
    Colonel Stark: 1 cooldown to 3 turns and the other with 8 that is decreased to 3 turns if you are using all Trooper
    FO Special Pilot: 1 3 turns cooldown 1 4 turns cooldown
    Kylo Ren Unmasked: All cooldown to 3 turns

    The only reason Resistance is getting 5 turns is because of JRey Lead which in turn removes the purpose of her lead.

    Finally, thank you for your feedback on my feedback, I really appreciate that Kyno.
  • TVF
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    I take it you aren't using JTR.

    Under JTR, with two 5 turn cooldown specials, it goes likes this:

    -Special 1
    -Special 2
    -Special 1
    -Special 2

    That's not a 5 turn cooldown any more than BB8 has a 70 turn cooldown.

    And when you say "The only reason Resistance is getting 5 turns is because of JRey Lead which in turn removes the purpose of her lead." I have no idea what you mean.
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