URoRRuR`R`R bug and skill & imune to heal bug

I own URoRRuR`R`R caracther and i notice on leadership 1 it was saying i get 30 def and the rest of the alies half of that , when i upgraded the skill to lvl 2 it says it gives me 20 def and the alies half of that...
Second thing , the second skill of URoRRuR`R`R its kinda uslles unles u own a tusken and even than u have a chance to work or not so i dont see the point of a skill who ``maybe`` will work ,and that in the best case scenario if u own a second tusken ... i never use it and the worst part it when are easy fights and i use auto fight he allways use that ussles skill doing nothing just lossing turn.
3th thing the imune to heal its not working , i give them imune i see the icon and all and they still healing .... its imune to heal or chance to not heal , or just a bug ?


  • ChaseKillz
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    The skill is obviously for buffing other tusken that May be on his team but he buffs his own turn meter as well. Not really a wasted turn but it kinda is. I usually put him in my stun team for extra offense if he is the only tusken available. (Only one I have so this is the only way I use him)
    Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING
  • Yep , but obviously u dont use that skill eighter , i will trade that skill whit any other skill or at least to add to it some buff when you use it like def or any other thing, just to make some small diference... for a 4 stars char its kinda lame to use allways the first basic atack skill bcz the special skill it`s a waste, if u dont own a second tusken, but to be honest i dont know if anybody will try get a second one when with the same ammount of shards u can get others way better. ( this if u not lucky to win the second one ) Just my opinion ...
  • Yes unless you have other Tusken in your group it might seem like a worthless ability, but it also buffs his own speed making it possible to completely lock down a character if you get his stun to proc, it has saved my **** a load of times. The 45% chance to stun is no joke coupled with that speed boost.
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