Ships: Best prep for Zeta and Chimaera

I'm trying to find the best strategy for ships. I'm doing okay so far (ranking top 20) but I would like to both improve in squad and stay on target for the future. I was planning for a straight rebel team then realized I need a dark side team for zetas. So now I am trying to find the best course to plan.
Chimaera: Obviously using Biggs, Wedge, Ghost, Phantom. Need to pick a fifth of the two u wings but neither seem easy to farm.
Zeta: Slave I and TFP are definite. FOTFP, FOSPTFP and Tie silencer are unlocked so they would be an easy route but other suggestions are welcome. A good argument could be made for Tie adv.
Squad: Due to character make up my focus has been Slave, ghost, phantom, Wedge and TFP. I just unlocked wedge and was working on his ship.
Capital Ships: Home One and Executrix are about identical in power. I have been using Ex but was thinking of making the switch to HO due to my rebel focus.
Any help on a good route to plan for would be helpful.


  • DarthDyna
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    I'm about your level and in more or less the same boat. I went for Zetas first because Executrix is already a great capitol ship in its own right, Tarkin is good for Empire to get R2, and zetas seem to be utterly necessary for most, if not all, of the game. As mostly F2P (I bought cards to get the scav rey shards), I take top 10 easily with my setup, and in the last week I've been taking rank 3-4, among some whales. Also, the current general meta is geared toward dark side target lock, which means that with what I have, I can generally beat pretty much anyone, though I fall to top 20 overnight.

    My basic plan is: Zetas unlocked, then more or less meta while farming rebel ships in the background. Also, as your fifth rebel ship, go for Cassian's U wing. It's the top right square in Cantina store, so super easy to farm, and the crew are: Cassian, K2-S0, and Jyn Erso, which are easy farms themselves coming from Arena, GW, and guild shops respectively. Jyn may take a little longer since guild store is random and Cassian may not be an arena shop priority, but remember that you don't necessarily need to have them 7* right away to unlock and use their ships effectively.

    Here's my account:

    Side note: you're level 76, but the only character you have even close to that is there a reason? If you get your Arena Phoenix all up to your player level, you should easily be able to take top 50, which is a nice jump for crystal payout.

    Edit: Try to level Lando and either Cad Bane or Greedo a little before Monday. There's a credit heist, so doing the highest tier possible should help.
  • TVF
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    Regarding the two U-wings, Cassian's is by far the easier farm. Especially if you're doing three cantina energy refreshes a day.
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  • What he said ^^ Bistan's ship is fleets shop and crystals only, and it RARE in fleet shop.
  • I don't typically raise toon levels until they are needed for gear. I've never known it to make that much of a power difference.
    Suggestions for the four dark side ships that are reasonably easy to farm?
  • TVF
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    Anything in the GW store will be easiest. I don't pay much attention to that anymore but off the top of my head the Geo ships and maybe TF? It seems like most of those ships are LS.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure the Geo ships are terribly useful. I do actually like Geo Soldier because he's pretty easy to gear. I don't have Spy and I only farmed Sun Fac for the zeta challenge, it was fine for that.
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