Supreme Chancellor Palpatine!

The guy who deceived so many people in the Republic into thinking that he was the best thing since blue milkshakes and took over his own government, it's Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! I see some potential for this idea, and I know...there's already two Palpatines, the Emperor and Darth Sidious, but to be fair, there's already a lot of that in the game. We have four Hans, two Kylos, two Reys, two Leias, two Kenobis, two Yodas, so I'm kinda surprised we don't have a Bounty Hunter Ventress, a Clone Wars Darth Maul, and an Echo from the unfinished Clone Wars episodes. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and remember, flaming doesn't help me with my ideas, constructive feedback does.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (Maxed)
Dark Side, Sith, Galactic Republic, Support
Galactic Republic support with constant Stealth and can instantly defeat Jedi enemies

- Basic- Cloak of Darkness
- Call a target ally to assist. If that ally is Galactic Republic, deal double damage. If the Assisting
ally is Sith, inflict Health Down for 3 turns. Palpatine gains Stealth for 3 turns.

- Special- I am the Senate (Cooldown: 4)
- Dispell all buffs on all enemies with a 50% chance to inflict Tenacity Down on all enemies for
2 turns. This chance is doubled for Jedi and Galactic Republic enemies.

- Special- Execute Order 66 (Cooldown: 30)
- Deal Special damage to target enemy, with a 70% chance to instantly defeat the target
enemy. Then deal Special damage to all enemies and call all active Clone allies to
Assist. This deals double damage to Jedi enemies, has a 50% chance to instantly defeat
a random Jedi unit, and a 30% chance to instantly defeat a random enemy. The first attack
ignores Taunt. This attack can't be Evaded and starts on cooldown.

- Leader- Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic
- Galactic Republic and Sith allies gain 30% Potency, 10% Max Health, and 10% Max
Protection; Jedi and Galactic Republic enemies have -10% Tenacity. Whenever a Galactic
Republic ally inflicts a debuff, they recover 15% of their Max Health. Whenver a Sith ally
inflicts a debuff, they have a 70% chance to gain Offense Up for 3 turns.

- Unique- Treason
- Whenever Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is damaged by a Jedi or Galactic Republic enemy,
he has a 70% chance to gain Foresight for 1 turn, with a 40% chance to grant a random
Galactic Republic or Sith ally for 1 turn, and a 50% chance to inflict Damage Over Time on
the attacking enemy for 3 turns, which can't be Resisted.
- Whenever a Galactic Republic enemy suffers a debuff, they have a 50% chance to have
20% of their Turn Meter removed. Whenever a Jedi enemy suffers a debuff, they can't Evade
the next attack.
- Whenever Palpatine takes damage, he has a 40% chance to reduce the cooldown of
Execute Order 66 by 2.

Sorry about the repost. I was editing the kit, tried to submit, then something about approval came up, then I checked the forum, and the entire discussion disappeared. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please comment! Constructive feedback always helps, and please tell me what you think of my other ideas, including the ones I've already submitted!
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