Thanks for all the new content - but don't forget about raids!

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First I want to thank you guys for all the added new content in the past. There are allways a lot of complaints, but I personally think the tws and tb's are good additions to this game.
Neverthelesd I hope I can speak for the majority of the player base here by asking not to forget about adding soon a new raid.
Raids are a very important part in the endgame content and are when coming out a content which is usually not easily beaten by most guilds.
Since nowadays it's just a matter of hitting the auto button, I miss coordinating, setting farming priorities and building new teams or coming up with new team combs which can do insane damage.
Okay still we are coming up with new teams for haat, but honestly who cares if one player can deal now 10 mio, 30 mio or solo the whole haat?
So a new input and adding a new raid woukd be warmly welcome there.
Just wanted to highlight this!
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