rubbish rebel player team

I have not put a lot of effort into rebels, so do not have a good team. My 7* rebels are -

Old Ben G10 lvl 80
Kanan G8 lvl 80
Princess Leia G7 lvl 70
Ackbar G7 lvl 69
Farmboy Luke G7 lvl 70

I am aiming to get the bottom three up to Gear 8. and hopefully level them up to 80. Will this be enough for 6* and 7* Palpatine event?


  • Peer
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    Perhaps it works. Please provide more information. What about speed, abilities and mods?
  • as they are right now they probably are enough for 7* palpatine.
    keep the gear rdy in case u dnt make it
    dnt forget to mod them as well

    side note: gear leia and farmboy as theyre needed for when cls returns
  • That'll do 6* Palpatine easy. 7* is doubtful without some really good mods. If you get the G7s to G8 & Lvl80 you might have a shot at 7* with decent mods. It'd likely take a lot of tries and waiting for good RNG though
  • I don't see the tier VII part being much trouble as your characters are.. Just make sure they have some decent mods on them. Have old ben taunt since he'll have a ton of health and prot and hopefully leia can shoot some triple attacks.
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