Unlocking 5* Emperor Palpatine Help

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Please Help!!!!!

Will this team work just to unlock 5* EP?
All abilities for everyone is at 4 and everyone is level 55 their speed is average.
I can push a few of them to G7, but who should I prioritize?
Also I have a few decent mods I could thrown on if needed. Do you guys think I need to?
I'm gonna do Hera Lead btw. Also my max level is 70 so I could push them this high if needed.

Hera - 5* G6
Ezra - 5* G6
Kannan - 5* G6
Zeb - 5* G6
Old Ben - 5* G6

PS. I could push Kannan and Zeb both to 6* if needed, I'm able to push a push them to level 60-65 also, and I could also upgrade some abilities if needed but do you guys think this team is tough enough to get 5* EP?


  • Kai_Mulai
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    Out of curiosity, why are you using Old Ben instead of Chopper?

    I’m hoping to get Emperor Palpatine in just over a week myself. Crouching Rancor recommends a minimum of level 70 and gear 7, with level 80 and gear 9 recommended. My Phoenix squad is level 73 (same as my player level), 7*, gear 8, and mods that give roughly +40 speed to everyone, and the squad checker on Crouching Rancor said I could probably do it, but it will be challenging. I’d recommend leveling and gearing your Phoenix squad up as high as you can in the next week.
  • JohnTrollsen13
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    My Chopper is only 2*, and my Sabine is only 4*, btw what is Crouching Rancor if its a website could you post the link. Another note I'm just trying to get 5* EP, my Rebels aren't high enough stars to get 7* EP, because I've been mainly focusing on my Empire team for when R2D2 returns, I've got Tarkin 6*, Vader 7*, RG 6*, and ST 6*, TFP 5* with 10 more shards for 6*, and SnT 4* waiting for the R2D2 event. Also I just started this game about a month and a half ago.

    My New Rebel Squad:

    All abilities except for uniques are at level 4, Uniques are at level 5.
    Hera - 5*, G8, L63
    Ezra - 5*, G7, L62 (Will try to push to 6*, G8 this week)
    Zeb - 5*, G7, L62 (Will push to 6* this week)
    Kannan - 5*, G7, L62 (Will push to 6* this week)
    Old Ben - 5*, G7, L62

    PS. I'm gonna try to push everyone to G8 this week. Also I've got some decent speed mods I'm gonna throw on them. Do you guys think I need to do anything else.
  • Calm down. You got this pretty easily.
    Although i would recommend ,*for future*, dont run phoenix for 6* and 7*. I had a bad experience
    Good luck ;)
    Ps. Star levels dont matter, dont bother upgrading them.. Although a little more gear wouldn't hurt, i don't recommend it.
  • Crouching Rancor is a website that has lots of tips about the game. http://www.crouchingrancor.com/
  • My team is ackbar leading, with old ben, biggs, K2SO, and STHan. Bare minimum, but by the time I kill the royal guards its just ackbar and biggs. Would upgrading Biggs to 7*s help?
  • I did it earlier at level 60 phoenix bordering VII gear on each with all at 5* barring one who is at 6*.

    Abilities as high as they can go. Mods are whatever I can get with set bonuses. Palp event doesn't account for mods I heard so that's an edge you can get too.

    Though as is so often the case with Phoenix, don't expect Chopper to make it though it seems you didn't bother to get him. Probably wise in the long run though his unique is handy.

    It's doable for you my friend. Just needs the RNG a little in your favour.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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